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Islam slipping in Iran.

Islam slipping in Iran: Commentator Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA staffer, wrote in The New York Times last week that Iran is fast becoming a secular nation. He recalled that as the West moved from autocracy to democracy it progressively shed or depoliticized Christianity. "The same process is happening to Islam in Iran," he wrote. "As a result, millions of Iranians--the sons and daughters of once faithful revolutionaries--have secularized. Whereas secularizing Westernized autocracies like the Shah's prompted upwellings of religious radicalism, Iran's religious dictatorship has produced a softening secularization that is likely to last, since both non-religious and faithful Iranians increasingly see representative government as indispensable to their values."
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Title Annotation:Tidbits and Morsels: A column of musings on news that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Feb 19, 2010
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