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Islam is peace.

Islam comes from the root word "Salaam" which means peace, thus, Islam means peace-both in this temporary worldly life and in the eternal life--which is one's ultimate spiritual end.

Peace is the presence of complete guidance from God.

Peace is also related to the deepest concern with oneself. To do so, one must carefully seek for the true guidance from the one and only true God, who named Himself "ALLAH" the most high, the only source of "Ultimate Peace", the Lord and Creator of us all.

There are thousands of faiths that exist among humankind today. All of them seem sincere with their claims and practices. Sincerity, however, is not enough basis to achieve a state of peace. One must always ask oneself if these faiths have the true guidance from the true God.

Women play a significant role in promoting peace in society. This role has something to do with women living their lives entirely in accordance with Islam.

As God has provided men a role in achieving peace in the family and in society, so has He also provided women specific duties and responsibilities to perform. Overall, Islam is the only answer to achieve ultimate peace in this life and in the next.

By allowing oneself (whether man or woman) to totally submit and be guided by the only true God, one can achieve peace and serve as a positive element for peacemaking.
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Title Annotation:peace & spirituality
Author:Oquendo, Fatimah
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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