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Ishida handle fruit and vegetables hygienically, accurately and fast.

Ishida Handle Fruit and Vegetables Hygienically, Accurately and Fast

For any type of fruit and vegetable packaging-fresh or frozen - hygiene is of paramount importance at every stage. Ishida's comprehensive range of multi-head weighers include their WP 'waterproof' weighers, which allow manufacturers to meet stringent hygiene standards.

WP weighers incorporate an integrated drive and weighing mechanism which prevents dust and dirt from entering the unit, whilst allowing fast and easy cleaning by low pressure water hose.

Particular difficulties encountered when weighing packs of fruit and vegetables of varying shapes, sizes and weights, can be accommodated by the flexible nature of Ishida machinery.

Ishida's most technologically advanced weigher range is the CCW.Z. series which comprises the 16 head Z16B, 8 head 208B and 208P and the newly introduced 14 head 214W models.

The CCW.Z.214W is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering versatility in terms of its development in waterproof, 'gentle slope' and 'jelly' versions. This model has also been developed in a twin chute version, the CCW.Z.214WT, allowing two packs to be filled simultaneously; it is therefore suitable for high speed filling lines.

The CCW.Z.216B can handle different weights of up to four products simultaneously, for discharge into the same pack, making it suitable for manufacturers packing multi-product packs.

In many cases where fruit and vegetable manufacturers have installed Ishida technology, they have found product giveaway has been greatly reduced whilst production lines have been substantially speeded up.

For example, three Ishida CCW.S. models from the WP range are producing packs to within 1 - 1.5g of target weight for a range of coated vegetable products manufactured by DCA Industries.

At the same time Ishida technology can help fruit and vegetable manufacturers overcome the problem of 'bruising' with their 'gentle slope' models. These feature specially designed pool hoppers and discharge chutes that are gently sloped to transfer product and reduce the drop distances from the dispersion table to the discharge chute.

An example of this can be found at Wallings Nursery, where Ishida equipment has produced remarkable savings. Wallings is one of the country's largest radish growers. Prior to the installation of its Ishida CCW.S.210 Gentle Slope weigher, the company had used a linear weigher, which could result in product giveaway as high as 25 percent over target. The CCW.S. has proved accurate to within 0.5g of target on pack sizes of around 150g, running at 55 packs per minute.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 1990
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