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Isaiah 40-55: a critical and exegetical commentary.

Isaiah 40-55: A Critical and Exegetical Commentary. By John Goldingay and David Payne (Continuum, 2 Volumes, $200). These new volumes in the International Critical Commentary take the reader through chapters 55; a third volume will cover the final 11 chapters. The original ICC did not make it past chapter 27 (published in 1912). H. G. M. Williamson is redoing 1-27, with his first published volume covering only 1-5. Payne wrote textual and philological notes and passed them on to Goldingay, who added literary, exegetical, and theological commentary. When this manuscript became too long, Goldingay abbreviated it and published much of the literary-theological material in The Message of Isaiah 40-55 (T & T Clark, 2005). Goldingay and Payne believe that the writer and his audience were both in Babylon though the message would also address the needs of the people in Judah; they also consider whether the author may have been a woman, without coming to a final decision. Isaiah 40-55 was always a part of the book of Isaiah in their opinion and was never issued separately though written in the 540s B.C.E. The introduction concludes with a discussion of the following theological themes: God (warrior and shepherd), God's people, Zion, the prophet as servant, and the nations. in chapters 41-42 Israel is the servant, in 49-50 the prophet is, and in 52-53 both prophet and people are the servant. The commentary offers a fresh translation for every verse, but does not prim out this text for a whole periscope. The philological and textual comments are excellent, and the authors have read very widely in the secondary literature. Unfortunately, the price will put these volumes out of reach for many.

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