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Is your revenue safe? Two industry leaders share their expertise on choosing a billing service.


Revenue Management can be challenging for mental health and substance abuse providers, and choosing the right company to help optimize your revenue cycle can be daunting. Small, less experienced billing companies are popping up overnight and negatively impacting their clients, the industry and even patient care. PRRS, Inc. and Medivance Billing Service are two of the most reputable and established Revenue Management companies in the industry.

We caught up with Zarina Delmarr and Neisha Zaffuto, two of the most influential women in revenue management, to discuss the importance of choosing the right billing company and the dangers of using a discount billing service.


Founder and President of PRRS, Inc., Zarina Delmarr is a pioneer in revenue cycle management for the behavioral healthcare industry. Prior to founding PRRS, Zarina co-founded a successful billing service company. Zarina's experience also includes serving as chief operations officer for a Florida treatment center. Treatment centers that work with Zarina value her hands on experience and guidance. She is a go-to expert for attorneys, journalists and investment firms in the mental health and substance abuse industries. She believes strongly that the clients come first, and her personal dedication to customer service is evident throughout the company's culture and relationships. We sat down with Zarina to ask her about what should be important when choosing a revenue cycle management company.

Why is it crucial for treatment providers to have an educated and experienced billing company?

Working with the private health insurance companies for reimbursement has never been more challenging than it is today. As the industry struggles for equality and parity, the payers continue to impede reimbursement by changing policy, initiating heavy-handed audits and more. Working with a strong revenue management company like PRRS ensures you have the best partners for optimizing your revenue. Our commitment to service, our relationships with the payers and our knowledge and experience keep our clients ahead of the curve in the industry. This allows us to successfully optimize your revenue stream and allows you, our client, to focus on what you do best, helping those who suffer from mental health and substance abuse issues. Using a larger full service revenue management company like PRRS ensures you have the proper staffing and resources to manage your account. PRRS' active commitment to our business partners is founded on the principles of quality service and accountability.

Some billing companies offer "discounted" flat rates for their services. Do you?

PRRS treats each client as a unique and special partnership. Rates are based on the size and services for your specific needs. This ensures that your revenue cycle is allocated the proper resources to optimize your reimbursement. A "one size fits all" model would prevent you from having the resources you need to optimize your revenue or cost you more if your specific needs require flexibility and individual services. Our commitment to service means we meet your specific needs. "Discount" billing companies cannot provide the quality of service you deserve as a partner.

Throughout the Behavioral Healthcare industry Neisha Zaffuto is known as a billing and collections advocate because of the commitment and hard work she puts into every treatment provider she works with. Neisha's stance on rapid clean claim submission has enabled Medivance Billing Service to transmit on average, over $65 million in claims monthly for their clients. In fact, under Neisha's leadership, Medivance has adjudicated over $1 billion of claims in 2015. Neisha has successfully created a business model that will not only grow her company but will allow a treatment provider to truly maximize their revenue. We asked Neisha about the importance of utilizing a professional, established billing company like Medivance Billing Service, Inc.

Why is it crucial for treatment providers to have an educated and experienced billing company?

With all the newfound challenges and complexities in getting appropriately paid to the benefit level of coverage, it is imperative to have the proper professional acumen and revenue cycle management experience on your operational team to ensure your receivables are in safe hands. If it's your choice to contract with an outsourced Revenue Cycle Management service company to provide (verification of benefits, utilization review, billing and collections) services, the main qualifying criteria should include revenue cycle management services that have in place/on hand the necessary capacity needed to match each level of treatment volume. With such experience on your team, it reduces the number of submission errors and misquoted benefits and increases the number of overturn denied claims.

What are the profound differences between having an experienced billing team, and why is this expertise needed?

Making the decision to choose the best Revenue Cycle Management Company can have a profound effect on the revenue and workflow, irrespective of the type and level of care being offered by treatment facilities. Therefore, regardless of the level of care, joining forces with an outstanding Revenue Cycle Management company will eradicate billing and collections stress. Here at Medivance Billing Service we are a recognized leader in medical billing and collection services specific for treatment providers in the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. The profound difference in what we provide to each client regardless of their census capacity or fiscal value is the innovative solutions, thought leadership coupled with advocacy, claim adjudication and authorization management, as well as the claim collection specialization.



Medivance Billing Service is a national leader in revenue cycle management catering specifically to behavioral healthcare treatment programs and toxicology services. Our take on transparency, timeliness and data reporting is something we hold in high regard. Our stance on rapid clean claim submission has enabled Medivance Billing to transmit, on average, over $65 million in claims monthly for our clients. And with over 150 employees, Medivance has the manpower and expertise to increase and maintain revenue growth along with providing constant communication that will instill confidence for a treatment organization. Medivance has the ability to positively change the way behavioral healthcare providers grow their revenue over time.

PRRS Inc. was founded in 2012 with the mission to ensure behavioral healthcare providers are properly and promptly paid for their life-altering work. Reimbursement expert Zarina R. Delmarr, president and founder, gained industry-wide praise for revolutionizing billing services in the mental health and substance abuse treatment industry. With over 170 employees in two countries, PRRS combines experience and technology to provide a higher standard in revenue optimization. The field is plagued with billing providers who lack the expertise and technology to provide services that generate accurate and on-time results. PRRS' approach is unique. Professional staff and technology are at the center of our business, and our clients are our main focus. As industry experts, PRRS, Inc. advocates for parity and equality in revenue reimbursement for the behavioral healthcare industry. Their clients can depend upon consistent revenue and dedicated support. That is the PRRS way, and you should expect nothing less from your third-party billing provider. More information on PRRS, Inc. and what they can do for you can be found at PRRSInc. com or by calling 1-888-405-3118.
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