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Is your advertising Sorted?; ADVERTISMENT FEATURE PUBLISHING: RU Sorted publishes a youth magazine and offers a distribution service.

IT HAS only taken one year for RU Sorted Ltd to make an impact on the Welsh publishing scene.

In a notoriously difficult market, where many regional magazines have failed before them, and targeting a very fickle 16-30-yearold age group, RU? Sorted has succeeded in becoming Wales's most read and recognised youth publication.

Since its re-launch in February 2001, RU Sorted's flagship publication has gone from strength to strength culminating in October when they held an event in Cardiff to promote RU? Sorted's October Student Issue, which was distributed to over 35,000 people.

Managing director Eduardo Pereira is pleased with RU?

Sorted magazine's coverage.

"With over 400 distribution outlets in Wales, not including our unique 'hand2hand' distribution outside popular venues, we believe that RU? Sorted magazine is a vital tool for our advertisers who wish to promote their product to the youth market, " said Mr Pereira.

The success of RU? Sorted has been noted by the world's leading record labels, PR companies and agencies. RU Sorted's client list now includes Sony, EMI, HMV, UCI/Paramount, Virgin, Shell, Galaxy radio station and Radio One.

In 2001 Eduardo Pereira and Federico Pereira (known as Ed and Fed), founders and company directors of RU Sorted Ltd, achieved high acclaim for their successes winning Media & Communications Company of the Year in the Shell Livewire Awards held at the Millennium Stadium and coming second overall in the Welsh Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Their media profile continues into 2002 as RU Sorted is put under the spotlight in a BBC2 documentary, You're The Boss, tracking the experiences of individuals and groups across Wales as they discover what it takes to start, survive and grow their own business.

BBC2 followed Ed and Fed throughout November to discover what it takes to run an expanding publishing house.

To celebrate RU? Sorted's second birthday, RU Sorted have planned to re-launch and re-brand the magazine, giving it a new logo and a cooler new interior.

To coincide with its re-launch, RU Sotred is hosting a series of events and a marketing campaign, which will make RU? Sorted a household name in Wales.

Both Ed and Fed are confident in the success of their business, "We believe we are a company's best means of getting their event or product promoted on a national level not just for Cardiff or Swansea but truly pan-Wales. Our distribution in Wales is second to none and we pride ourselves in being Wales's most-read and recognised regional magazine."

RU Sorted steps over the border RU Sorted Ltd's success has been unparalleled and there is no end in sight with the recent launch of RU? Sorted magazine for the west and the launch of the Midlands edition in March, making it the only publication in the Midlands targeted at the 16-30 age group.

Ed is enthusiastic about the new ventures, "We can now offer PR companies, record labels and advertisers coverage across the majority of the UK at the fraction of the cost of a national magazine.

"Because RU? Sorted is a free publication and contains information relevant to its local reader we find that people are more willing to pick one up.

"This gives our advertisers an unique opportunity to reach a larger market audience whilst still being relevant to the reader."

Fed said, "We will continue to provide the readers with our blend of the best interviews, features, reviews and local information which makes RU? Sorted what it is.

"Most interviews, music reviews and national news will be shared across all three RU? Sorted magazines, whilst our regional contributors will keep the mag full of the hottest news from their region.

"It is our belief that we can replicate the success of RU?

Sorted Wales in the west of England and the Midlands.

"And who knows, once we are content with our coverage in those areas, we will probably be looking to the rest of the UK."

RU Sorted Limited Services RU Sorted Ltd's ongoing expansion means that they are able to offer companies an invaluable list of services that will ensure they get the coverage they want with the least amount of fuss.

Ed explains, "We understand that advertising in RU? Sorted magazine may not suit everyone's needs. So we decided to offer several other services, which help companies to market their products and make the process easier for them.

"This means that we don't just go to a client and say 'Here are our advertising rates, take them or leave them' but we sit with them, discuss their needs and come up with a package that would suit them. I think that this two-way communication is very important."

These other services have proven to be very successful both for RU Sorted and for their clients:

Distribution WITH its dedicated team RU Sorted Ltd's distribution service is second to none, being able to cover the majority of Wales and the west of England with a company's promotional material.

The distribution service has proven to be very successful both for RU Sorted Ltd and for its clients.

Fed, who handles the distribu - tion service said, "We discovered that very few companies in Wales and the west of England offer a comprehensive distribution ser - vice that covers everything from shop distribution to venue flyer - ing.

"Flyers, leaflets and posters are usually a potential customer's first contact with a company and its service and therefore a good dis - tribution service is essential for its success."

Point of Sale Distribution: R U Sorted provides a list of outlets that can be distributed to at any time .

These can include independent re - tail outlets, cinemas, chain stores , offices, public buildings, places o f entertainment, public houses, ho - tels, catering establishments.

Hand2Hand Distribution: R U Sorted can flyer hand-to-hand out - side any venue guaranteeing that your promotional material - be i t flyers, brochures, leaflets or book - ing forms - are placed into the hand of your target market audience.

Special Event Distribution: R U Sorted offers this service to cover any large-scale events or geo - graphic areas through the use of a series or multiple dedicated flyer - ing teams, which can be co-ordi - nated to create a blanket distribution of specific market sectors.

E-Marketing RU Sorted Ltd specialises in cre - ating attention-grabbing e-flyer s utilising cutting edge technology and youthful creative flare.

The e-flyers are fully animated with sound and can even be de - signed to automatically open when received by the recipients.

Info FOR advertising opportunities i RU? Sorted magazine or a list o f distribution services please cal RU Sorted Limited on 0179 513264
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 6, 2002
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