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Is vitamin C a wonder worker?

According to Linus Pauling, the wonders of vitamin C never cease. As the years pass, almost periodically new applications for the vitamin are reported by researchers around the world.

In summary, the following brief list recited by Dr. Pauling constitutes an ever-expanding medical record of ascorbic acid, which:

- may prevent cataract formation.

- has been observed, in many cases, to improve male fertility.

- boosts the immune system to counteract the effects of colds and

respiratory distress. Hastens recover in large dosage.

- has been known to suppress growth of human leukemia cells.

- counteracts the effects of asthma.

- fortifies the individual to counter the toxic effects of smoking

and air pollutants.

- prevents, in some cases, rectal tumor growth and cervical cancer.

- slows diabetic damage to gums and teeth, improves slow wound

healing and retards rapidly aging skin.


- has a positive effect in activating insulin in carbohydrate


- Ascorbic acid is a powerful detoxicant which neutralizes many

poisons in the body, such as mercury, arsenic, and bacterial


- For individuals on medications, in many cases less quantity is

required when taken together with vitamin C. (Consult your

doctor for details.) Diabetics may possibly reduce their insulin

intake. (The effectiveness of aspirin can be heightened when

taken with vitamin C. Also reported is a lessening of aspirin's

toxic reactions.)

- Exert diuretic action without a diuretic drug's unhealthful effect

on kidneys. Vitamin C can drain waterlogged tissues and reduce

edema (excess liquids in the tissues).
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1992
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