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Is this the start of the big winter freeze?

Byline: By Sam Burson Western Mail

Forecasters are warning we could be experiencing the start of a big freeze, even though the previously warm autumn has prompted Wales' first daffodils to flower.

Is it now too cold to snow?

It's not just an old wives' tale, according to Cardiff Met Office.

Spokeswoman Helen McKenzie said that although the cold itself did not prevent snow, as the phrase suggests, it is normally colder when there are no flakes.

She said, 'When it is cold and very dry, it does feel much colder.

'Also precipitation tends to be after the temperature has come up a bit, as it is usually the result of a weather front.

'The cold itself does not prevent snow, but a lot of people will remember from experience that when it feels really cold, there is often no snow.

'The physics behind the phrase isn't quite right, but it isn't totally ridiculous, and there is some logic in the saying.'
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 19, 2005
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