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Is this the look of a more powerful Publisher's Statement?


THAT'S CERTAINLY THE HOPE OF the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)--and the metro dailies with most to lose if this wider look at audience doesn't convince advertisers of newspapers' reach. This prototype Publisher's Statement represents the culmination of a debate among the newspaper and advertising industries that began even before the dawn of the Internet: Should newspapers count just the physical copies they sell, or the audience that's reading them even if they paid just a fraction of the cover price, or even nothing at all? This Publisher's Statement shows who won that argument.

Starting in October, newspaper for the first time will report not only paid circulation, but "verified" free copies, readership for print and online, and stats on electronic replicas and non-replicas such as Web sites, mobile devices and e-readers. And for the first time, newspapers can show all their products--Web sites, shoppers, TMCs, commuter dailies, and the like--on the same statement with the core daily newspaper.

Will this all help? CEO John Sturm of the Newspaper Association of America, which worked with ABC on the changes, thinks so. The changes, he says, "will provide our advertising customers with more transparency and more market data than ever before."



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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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