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Is this really a "workplace violence" problem?

The seemingly all-powerful Environmental Protection Agency can lock you out of your own property forever, fine you millions of dollars for beavers doing what beavers do--building dams in the stream on your land--and imprison you for catching rainwater in a barrel, but they can't control one of their own employees pooping in the office hallway?

In the past, EPA employees have displayed some behaviors that fall into the "Mentally Off The Hinges" category, but this one's different, and if I can use the word, "fresh." At their regional office in Denver, an employee--or employees--have been leaving piles of poop in the hallways outside a staff bathroom. The Ninja Pooper has left no messages or demands; just more piles of feces. This has continued despite administrators taking the drastic action of asking the employees to please stop poopin' on the carpet.

Finally, they did what federal agencies do: They called in a consulting expert, in this case renowned workplace violence authority Dr. John Nicolleti. Just don't ask what we're paying to have this guy weigh in on the Ninja Pooper. First, they wouldn't tell you, and second, it would make you sick. Apparently, he has confirmed to EPA that hallway pooping is "a health and safety risk," and that if the behavior continues, it will "probably escalate." There was no mention of whether Dr. Nicolleti believes this escalation might involve increased frequency, territorial expansion or sheer size of the piles. That's probably classified.

Commander Gilmore

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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