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It seems like life is imitating Fast Food. The Fast Food trend has us asking for a more economical price in a more timely fashion at more of a convenient drive thru with more accuracy of ordering and also be sure and "Super Size" that meal. Whether it's the fast food restaurants providing more fries with your meal or just your everyday life - it seems we're all looking for more. More time to get things done, more money to do things like we did in the "old days," more value in being involved in associations, more people to do the job and more recognition when things are going well.

If you're looking to get more--perhaps you should look at a few old spots:

Looking for a more in-depth look at the Agri-Marketing industry?--did you get a chance to check out the AgriMarketing Boot Camp in October?

Looking for more information on the psychology of marketing, how to market to a consumer driven market or insight into marketing in Rural America?--have you looked at the Agribusiness Forum agenda in November?

Looking for more networking opportunities?--have you marked the next local chapter NAMA meeting on your calendar?

Looking for more insight into what your competitors are doing with their marketing?--did you mark the chance to review the more than 700 entries of the Best of NAMA awards in November?

Looking for more leadership opportunities?--have you contacted your local chapter NAMA officers or the National NAMA office to volunteer? Check out what we've got going on with NAMA today. I think you'll find more.!

Stephanie Gable, Bayer CropScience, NAMA Vice President
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Title Annotation:National NAMA news: news and information for members and friends of NAMA; National Agri-Marketing Association
Author:Gable, Stephanie
Publication:Agri Marketing
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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