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Is the price right?

Are you trying to use the Standard Study Number System (SSNS) to get current price quotes for equipment replacement? The prices in SSNS aren't wrong, they're just not current. The SSNS is being updated, but to report price discrepancies call Katherine Daly at DSN 645-9148, or commercial (256) 955-9148.

To get up-to-date costs you need to access FED LOG Interactive. You can request access at

Once you enter FED LOG, click OK at the CD Scanning Console. Click on the green tank icon (or, if you prefer the pull down menu bar, select SERVICE, then ARMY at the FLIS interactive Query screen). At the Army interactive Query screen enter your LIN, NIIN, or Part Number and select SEARCH.

The item's Army Master Data File will display the NSN, the current unit price, item name and nomenclature, and other info.
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