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Is the "Gluten-Free" Diet Really a Fad? The First-of-Its-Kind Community Website, Stuffed Pepper [TM] , Will Tell You There's No Fad About It.

Houston, TX, October 21, 2011 --( Because celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlet Johansson, Hillary Clinton and now tennis great, Novak Djokovic have gone gluten-free, people believe that the gluten-free diet is just the next biggest fad. But for the 1% of Americans who have celiac disease and the estimated 15% of the world's population that has a gluten-intolerance, “gluten-free” is not a fad. It's a permanent lifestyle change. It is because of this that Heather Jacobsen has spent the last year of her life building Stuffed Pepper [TM] , a brand new community website for the gluten-free lifestyle that's here to stay.

Stuffed Pepper [TM] is the first gluten-free community website of its kind. It provides gluten-free resources, by and for the gluten-free community, in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner. Talented chefs post mouth-watering gluten-free recipes with eye-catching photos, to illustrate that gluten-free does not mean taste-free. Experts on gluten intolerance provide guidance on health and nutrition to the gluten-free consumer. And community members provide honest ratings and reviews of restaurants and products. Members of the site are given tools to create a more personalized experience, such as saving recipes to their recipe box, and bookmarking restaurants. As one community member put it in a tweet, “Stuffed Pepper is a genie coming out of the bottle in the #glutenfree world! :) Genius!”

1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease, and its believed that 95% of them haven't been diagnosed yet[i]. Some research has even shown that the prevalence of celiac disease may even be greater today, than it was 50 years ago[ii], [iii]. Luckily, awareness of the disease is increasing, so there is hope in finding those who are still undiagnosed. At the same time, there is also a newly recognized group of people with Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance, who exhibit serious symptoms after eating gluten, but don't necessarily have celiac disease. Some estimate that as much as 15% (or more) of the world's population is gluten intolerant[iv]. All this points to the fact that “gluten-free” is only becoming more prevalent, and there's no fad about it.

Heather has been gluten-free for 10 years, long before most people had ever heard of the term. After taking gluten out of her diet, her digestive system improved dramatically, as well as her overall health. Having lived successfully on the gluten-free diet for a decade, Heather started a blog last year with recipes, restaurant reviews and tips for people new to the gluten-free lifestyle. But as she entered the gluten-free blogging community she discovered so many talented chefs, creating far better recipes than hers, as well as a worldwide abundance of gluten-free bloggers offering restaurant guides, product reviews, and general advice, just as she had set out to do. So much information existed, but seemingly overwhelming for the newly diagnosed gluten-intolerant person to digest. That's when the idea of her blog snowballed into an idea for a community website, and Stuffed Pepper [TM] was born.

Stuffed-Pepper [TM] launched Tuesday, October 18, 2011. The first featured recipe is a fabulous “comfort” food that even gluten-eating people will enjoy.

Stuffed Pepper.[TM] gluten-free. you & me.[TM]

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Date:Oct 21, 2011
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