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Is it ok to go to work if I'm sick?

I recently caught a cold but went to work anyway. I had only one sick day left, and I wanted to save it in case of a true emergency. My sneezes and cough were met by angry looks. I know it's not polite of me to possibly make co-workers sick. But I really couldn't afford to take any days without pay. What should I have done in this situation?--Anonymous

YOU OUGHT TO TAKE reasonable measures to keep from passing on infections to co-workers, and staying home is a good way of doing that. This isn't just a matter of etiguette (as your use of the word "polite" suggests). Banking your sick days is selfish, though understandable. Certainly, your firm's policy may need rethinking: A stingy sick-day policy might be costlier to the firm than a more generous policy that keeps the office a healthier place. Of course, your firm should think about the health of its workers in terms of their best interests, as well as its productivity costs. Perhaps you should suggest that they revisit the matter from both perspectives. Gesundheit!

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Title Annotation:Ethical Dilemma
Author:Appiah, Kwame Anthony
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Mar 21, 2016
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