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Is free trade fair?

While governments and multinational corporations are boasting the benefits of free trade, the workers and farmers entangled in this web of deceit paint a different picture. Shafted" Free Trade and America's Working Poor (First Food Books, $10), edited by Christine Aim, tells a grim tale of how poorly constructed trade agreements have lead to vast global problems including job loss, low-wage labor mad environmental degradation. One section of the book explains how trade liberalization has devastated habitat and increased pollution in fishing communities, and another makes clear that environmental deregulation has mostly affected America's poor. Testimony from farmers, factory workers and analysts adds to our understanding of this global crisis. The book concludes with an education-for-action resource section offering tools to fight what one farmer -calls corporate cannibalism, not fair competition.
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Author:Durso, Fred, Jr.
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Date:May 1, 2004
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