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Is all-inclusive the cheaper holiday option?

MORE British holidaymakers are going all-inclusive this year.

Half of those surveyed by the Post Office for its annual All-Inclusive Holiday Report rated this type of trip as good value because they do not need to take holiday spending money.

The research also revealed a 12% increase to 56% in the number of families who think all-inclusive is a great option because it cuts the cost of kids' meals and drinks. However, it also found that more than 80% of families splashed extra cash to the tune of over PS407 (down from PS431 last year) on their last all-inclusive holiday.

Around 84% paid an average of PS152.65 in their resort, while 81% spent PS254.78 on food and drink items in local shops, restaurants and bars.

When Post Office Travel Money compared the price of a week's all-inclusive summer family holiday in 10 European destinations with the bed and breakfast alternative, it found that going B&B was a cheaper option in all 10 destinations.

The biggest savings were in Malta and Turkey. A week for a family of four, all-inclusive, in Sliema cost a total of PS4,045.83 compared with PS2,186.33 B&B (a difference of PS1,860).

Bargain hunters could save PS1,217 in Marmaris where a week's B&B cost PS1,462.67 compared with PS2,679.43 for allinclusive - an 83% increase for the latter.

Post Office Travel Money says the only way to make a saving on an all-inclusive holiday is to stick strictly to the package and avoid all extra spending.

The Post Office compared the cost of an all-inclusive package without any additional spending with B&B including resort restaurant meals, and found prices for all-inclusive trips were between 1% and 16% cheaper in six of 10 destinations.

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, said: "Since over four-in-five families paid for extras while on an all-inclusive holiday, the best advice is not to get caught without the cash to cover these additional costs.

"On average most of these families will pay well over PS400 extra during their holiday so they should budget carefully in advance and be prepared."


Families on all-inclusive breaks often buy extra food and drinks

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 25, 2019
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