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Is South Korea a Case of High-Stakes Testing Gone Too Far? Information Capsule. Volume 1107.

ERIC Descriptors: High Stakes Tests; Foreign Countries; Memorization; Reading Achievement; Mathematics Achievement; Scores; Creativity; Creative Thinking; College Entrance Examinations; Educational Change; Change Strategies; Cultural Differences; Teaching Conditions; Classroom Techniques; After School Programs; Study Habits; Access to Education; Postsecondary Education; Costs; Delivery Systems; National Curriculum; Discipline

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South Korea's students consistently outperform their counterparts in almost every country in reading and math. Experts have concluded, however, that the South Korean education system has produced students who score well on tests, but fall short on creativity and innovative thinking. They blame these shortcomings on schools' emphasis on rote memorization and the country's use of a single university entrance exam as the sole determinant of success. While American educators and policymakers continue to praise the South Korean education system, South Korea has actually introduced a set of reforms designed to westernize its schools. Experts in both countries now believe that the most effective policies and practices from the U.S. and South Korean education systems should be combined in order to form one successful hybrid system.

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Author:Blazer, Christie
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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