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Is Shmurah Matzoh the Bentley of Matzoh? This Commercial Says So.

If you were confused by the title of a Passover commercial circulating the web in recent days"Bentley ad for shmura matza"and wondering why on earth Bentley would be advertising for a matzoh company, fear not. I too was perplexed, though a cursory viewing reveals that it's not, in fact, a real Bentley ad. It's a parody, brought to you in time for Passover by your local Chabad.

"If you're seeking luxury, you should aim for the top," the video's intriguing British voiceover says as the camera pans over the sleek, smooth body of a British automobile. "Each piece is specifically arranged and handled in order to guarantee the quality of the product. It can't be compared to the machine-made, assembly-line's mass-produced cars" It's not really about cars at allit's about matzoh!

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Author:Butnick, Stephanie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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