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Is Ryan Alive On 'General Hospital'?

Someone has been following Ava around Port Charles and on the Friday, April 19 episode of "General Hospital," she will consider using manipulation to lure Ryan out of hiding.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Ava (Maura West) asks someone how long they've been following her. "General Hospital" spoilers reveal Ava calls Scott (Kin Shriner) for help.

Viewers are away that someone has been following Ava around town, but the identity of the individual has not been revealed. It appears Ava will finally come face to face with the person who has been following her and wants answers.

At some point Ava will reach out to Scotty for help, but why? Sure, Scotty is her friend and is more than willing to be her rock during this trying time, but does she need more than a shoulder to cry on?

Ava is convinced Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) is still alive and needs to find him. Could Scotty be the key to helping Ava lure Ryan back to Port Charles?

Elsewhere in the ABC promo video, Franco (Roger Howarth) asks if he is under investigation. "GH" spoilers reveal Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) meets with Franco.

Jordan isn't ready to stop investigating Ryan's disappearance even though authorities believe he is dead. Jordan will reach out to Franco in hopes of furthering her investigation, but will their conversation give Jordan what she needs to track down Ryan?

"General Hospital" airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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