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Is College Worth It?

Byline: Avonte Scott

Is going to college more or less beneficial for an average highschool student, in America? Going to college is one thing, but there are other plenty of ideas to choose from besides college. Examples are the military and trade school. Their are many pros and cons on wanting to go to school or not.

Graduating high school is one of the most rewarding accomplishments you can do. Alot of the time, people do not know what to do, so the big question is if they are going to go to college or not. You can have a successful life by going or not going, as long you know what you want to do and you push yourself to that goal.

Going to college is great for some people but It also have some negatives to it too. Some positives are alot of times you can get paid more doing the same job with a degree, alot more career opportunities and alot more job benefits for yourself, like health care and your retirment investment. Some cons are It is really expensive and you will have debt, college sometimes do not make you smarter, degree does not guarantee a job, so if you used alot of money and cannot find work, it will be hard on you.

I asked Phillip, a tradesman, who never went to college, "If you could do high school again would do the same route or go to college"? He said "I would finish college, because even though you could have debt, you are paid better and treated better". He also stated " I get paid better than most college graduates,but the work I am doing takes a toll on my body, which cannot go on forver."

Alot of parents are really biased on why they want there students going to school, but there are plenty of people who did not go to college and they are extremely successful. Ikea founder, Ingvsr Kamprad who is worth $42 Billion, and he did not even finish his last year of highschool and in 2018, he was 497 richest in the world, according to Forbes. At the same time though, technology advancement is speeding up , which makes It harder to make money with no diploma, so as time goes on, the more you are going to need a degree to make a good living.

Whatever your plans are after highschool, choose wisely and work hard. Whether if you go to college or not, make sure It is something that you love over the pay, because you do not want to go to work dreading over it, everyday.

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:May 25, 2019
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