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Is Brad Pitt Dating Sienna Miller?

Brad Pitt and Siena Miller were spotted getting too close for comfort.

Many believe that there is a budding romance between Pitt and Miller. The pair was spotted at a late-night party session on Worthy Farm over the weekend. The rumored couple was seen holding hands, ( The Sun reported.

"Brad had been keeping a relatively low profile at the festival, but emerged with the masses at 3 a.m. to link up with Sienna after she'd spent the night partying with their mutual pal Bradley Cooper and Noel Gallagher in the VIP Park backstage bar," an insider said. "They seemed keen to get away from prying eyes and made a dash for the Rabbit Hole, the festival's underground and exclusive venue, with a group of friends and were inseparable as they waited to go inside."

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The party was cut short, so Pitt, 53, and Miller, 35, left the venue after five minutes. When Cooper left, the "Allied" star and the "American Sniper" actress were spotted heading back to their private Winnebago arm in arm, according to the report.

Pitt and Miller have been linked to each other for a few months already. In April, the two were spotted enjoying a dinner for her film, which he produced with his production company Plan B. They were spotted "heavily enjoying each other's company" and "talking to each other all night," ( Hello! reported.

However, Miller just denied the rumors romantically linking her to Angelina Jolie's ex. She even called it "silly." "I'm not going to even dignify it with a response. It's predictable and silly," Miller told ( Page Six.

In other news, there were ( reports claiming that Pitt was still hoping to reconcile with the "Maleficent" star. "She has invited Brad over to her new Los Feliz mansion, which is close to his house," one source revealed. "Part of him hopes they can resume their lives together and have a new beginning."

Many believe that Pitt had blinders when it came to his ex. His friends are concerned that Jolie was just using him to change the divorce agreement. They fear that if this would happen, it may send the "The Lost City of Z" star spinning.

Are Pitt and Miller dating or is Pitt reconciling with Jolie? Share your thoughts below.

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Date:Jun 26, 2017
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