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POINT OF CARE: Cornell team devises rapid test for vitamin A, iron deficits. Friedlander, Blaine Mar 22, 2018 484
The reticulocyte haemoglobin equivalent (RET_He) and laboratory screening for iron deficiency. Poffenroth, Charlotte; Mabbett, Craig; Kendrick, Christopher Report Nov 1, 2017 2314
Iron beans in Rwanda: crop development and delivery experience. Mulambu, J; Andersson, M; Palenberg, M; Pfeiffer, W; Saltzman, A; Birol, E; Oparinde, A; Boy, E; Her Report Apr 1, 2017 9860
Ferritin Is a Marker of Inflammation rather than Iron Deficiency in Overweight and Obese People. Khan, Abidullah; Khan, Wazir Muhammad; Ayub, Maimoona; Humayun, Mohammad; Haroon, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2017 3991
The effects of iron deficiency and anaemia on primary school learners' scholastic performance. Hlatswayo, B.P.S.; Ntshangase, S.; de Villiers, F.P.R. Jul 1, 2016 5258
Iron deficiency and congestive heart failure. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial May 1, 2016 1292
Hepcidin and the global burden of iron deficiency. Ganz, Tomas Apr 1, 2015 1474
Food insecurity and nutritional biomarkers in relation to stature in Inuit children from Nunavik. Pirkle, Catherine M.; Lucas, Michel; Dallaire, Renee; Ayotte, Pierre; Jacobson, Joseph L.; Jacobson, Report Jul 1, 2014 5018
Women's health update. Hudson, Tori Clinical report Dec 1, 2013 1492
We don't need genetically engineered bananas. Shiva, Vandana Aug 7, 2013 1204
Breastfeeding duration and iron levels. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 144
Iron deficiency: what are the future trends in diagnostics and therapeutics? Brugnara, Carlo; Adamson, John; Auerbach, Michael; Kane, Robert; Macdougal, Iain; Mast, Alan May 1, 2013 4027
Precious iron? Sutherland, Matt Brief article May 1, 2012 226
Q / What nutritional deficiencies and toxic exposures are associated with nail changes? Jacobsen, Emily; Judkins, Dolores Report Mar 1, 2012 929
Persistence of goitre in the post-iodization phase: micronutrient deficiency or thyroid autoimmunity? Das, Sambit; Bhansali, Anil; Dutta, Pinaki; Aggarwal, Arun; Bansal, M.P.; Garg, Dinesh; Ravikiran, M Report Jan 1, 2011 4633
Iron deficiency is biomarker, treatment target in HF. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2010 574
Take a closer look at iron recommendations. Eden, Alvin Dec 1, 2010 876
Balantidium coli-induced pulmonary haemorrhage with iron deficiency. Koopowitz, A.; Smith, P.; van Rensburg, N.; Rudman, A. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2010 1416
Iron and seizures. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 123
A field guide to iron needs in the patient on hemodialysis. Wick, Gail Jul 1, 2009 7982
Ask the doctor. Jun 1, 2008 595
Chronic idiopathic cough may warrant iron deficiency testing. Wendling, Patrice Mar 15, 2008 501
Overweight toddlers most at risk. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 185
Pica and food craving in adult patients with iron deficiency in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Louw, V.J.; du Preez, P.; Malan, A.; van Deventer, L.; van Wyk, D.; Joubert, G. Nov 1, 2007 1825
Iron supplementation--is it necessary for healthy pregnancy? Elias, Sandra Oct 1, 2007 3266
Estimating the burden of disease attributable to iron deficiency anaemia in South Africa in 2000. Nojilana, Beatrice; Norman, Rosana; Dhansay, Muhammad A.; Labadarios, Demetre; van Stuijvenberg, Mar Survey Aug 1, 2007 5400
A comparison of four regimens for treatment of iron storage disease using the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) as a model. Olsen, Geoffrey P.; Russell, Karen E.; Dierenfeld, Ellen; Phalen, David N. Jun 1, 2006 4116
CHr testing urged for iron deficiency. Brunk, Doug Mar 1, 2006 531
Reticulocyte hemoglobin more accurately measures iron levels. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 15, 2005 477
Look beyond blood count in cases of unexplained fatigue. Wendling, Patrice Brief Article Dec 15, 2005 269
Molecular marker Satt481 is associated with iron-deficiency chlorosis resistance in a soybean breeding population. Charlson, Dirk V.; Bailey, Theodore B.; Cianzio, Silvia R.; Shoemaker, Randy C. Nov 1, 2005 5191
Anemia does not predict iron deficiency among toddlers. White, K.C. Jun 1, 2005 459
Iron plays a major role in nutrition. Ulrich, Clare Mar 1, 2005 3576
IV iron administration in a peritoneal dialysis clinic. Bush, Barbara (American first lady) Jul 1, 2004 1030
Iron-deficient cells can cause restless legs syndrome. Jun 22, 2004 624
Iron is well-absorbed from soybeans. Mangels, Reed Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 111
Fatigue and anemia not necessarily linked. Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 192
Anemia: when is it iron deficiency? (Primary Care Approaches). Carley, Annette Mar 1, 2003 5718
Getting the iron out. (Anemia). Jan 4, 2003 253
Iron deficiency--United States, 1999-2000. Oct 11, 2002 1844
Diagnosing and treating anemia and iron deficiency in hemodialysis patients. (Educational Supplement). Foret, Jamie P. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 4437
Effects of iron treatment on cognitive performance and working memory in non-anaemic, iron-deficient girls. Lambert, Anthony; Knaggs, Karrin; Scragg, Robert; Metcalf, Patricia; Schaaf, David Jun 1, 2002 7744
Beef up your iron intake for best performance. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 463
Did you leave the iron out? Prevent iron deficiency through meal composition. Vogel, Amanda Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 747
Iron deficiency can contribute to low test scores. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 165
Iron Deficiency and Low Math Scores. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 185
Iron. Pamphlet Aug 1, 2001 3691
Impact of Inflammation on Nutrition, Iron Status, and Erythropoietin Responsiveness in ESRD Patients. Bistrian, Bruce R.; Carey, Lisa A. Dec 1, 2000 5465
Field and nutrient solution tests measure similar mechanisms controlling iron deficiency chlorosis in soybean. Lin, Shun-Fu; Baumer, James S.; Ivers, Drew; Rodriguez de Cianzio, Silvia; Shoemaker, Randy C. Jan 1, 1998 4001
Iron-poor women & kids. Liebman, Bonnie Brief Article Sep 1, 1997 234
Motherhood and apple pie may be next! Feb 1, 1993 698
Iron and cold sensitivity. Jan 1, 1990 175

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