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Iron caster endows scholarship for technical education.

Benton Foundry Inc., Benton, Pa., recently endowed a scholarship at Penn College, Williamsport, Pa., primarily for students in the School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies.

The scholarship will be awarded to selected students who are employees of the third-generation gray and ductile iron caster or immediate family members of Benton Foundry personnel who will be enrolling in specified fields of study in associate or bachelor's degree programs. Awards from the Benton Foundry Inc. scholarship will be renewable if the recipient maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.

"People's perception of the word 'foundry' conjures up a dirty environment, hard manual labor and very dated manufacturing methods," said Jeff Hall, president, Benton Foundry. "That perception was true 150 years ago. Today, Benton Foundry has migrated to an automated manufacturing plant that has spawned several foundry innovations."

By investing in the development of a workforce skilled in computer-aided design, robotics and other high-tech skills, Hall also sees the program at Penn College, which is approximately 40 miles from the metalcasting facility, as an indirect investment in the metalcasting facility.

"Benton Foundry demonstrates the value of 'degrees that work,' and I look forward to seeing many students benefiting from the company's generosity," said Elizabeth Biddle, director of corporate relations, Penn College.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY NEWS
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Aug 1, 2015
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