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Brookfield Iron & Metal and Got Scrap? We Pay More! - Wilkins Family Dedicated to Helping First Responders. Kimberly Dondzila Nov 9, 2021 224
Pandemic fuelled 'abnormal' iron price rise, says Saudi metal shelves maker. SHATHA ALMASOUDI Sep 13, 2021 170
Iron Metabolism and Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: New Insights from Bioinformatic Analysis. Zou, Hua-Xi; Qiu, Bai-Quan; Lai, Song-Qing; Zhou, Xue-Liang; Gong, Cheng-Wu; Wang, Li-Jun; Yuan, Min Report Jan 1, 2021 8076
Optimization of Cryogenic Process Parameters for the Minimization of Surface Residual Stress in Pure Iron Using Taguchi Design. Zheng, Meng; Kong, Jinxing; Sun, Yuwen Report Jan 1, 2021 6365
Effectiveness of Modified Candlenut Shell (Alleurites mollucana) in Adsorption of Fe (III) Heavy Metals to Improve Groundwater Quality. Simanjuntak, Rismauli; Taba, Paulina; Baharuddin; Ibrahim, Roslinda; Mursyid; Demmallino, Eymal Bahs Report Jan 1, 2020 3342
Study of the Applicability of Fe Nanotubes as an Anode Material of Lithium-Ion Batteries. Kozlovskiy, Artem L.; Zdorovets, Maxim V.; Shumskaya, Alena E.; Kadyrzhanov, Kayrat K. Report Jun 1, 2019 3720
Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden were rocking out at Newcastle City Hall 20 years ago; In one of the few lulls of their career, Iron Maiden stepped out at Newcastle City Hall with a new singer in October, 1998. Oct 18, 2018 412
MANUFACTURE TECHNOLOGY OF SOCKETED IRON AXES. Saage, Ragnar; Kiilmann, Karmo; Tvauri, Andres Report Jun 1, 2018 5221
Defining Iron. Galifianakis, Sophia Poem Mar 22, 2018 141
Decolorization and Detoxification of Acid Orange 7 by Zero-Valent Iron with UV Light. Report Oct 31, 2017 4694
Fe Extraction from Cayeli Copper Ores by Bioleaching with Eco Freiendly Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Kocadagistan, Mustafa Engin; Bayhan, Yalcin Kemal; Cakici, Avni Report Aug 31, 2017 7577
Numerical Analysis on Flow Behavior of Molten Iron and Slag in Main Trough of Blast Furnace during Tapping Process. Wang, Li; Pan, Chien-Nan; Cheng, Wen-Tung Report Jan 1, 2017 5132
Separation and Determination of Fe(III) and Fe(II) in Natural and Waste Waters Using Silica Gel Sequentially Modified with Polyhexamethylene Guanidine and Tiron. Didukh, Svetlana; Losev, Vladimir; Borodina, Elena; Maksimov, Nikolay; Trofimchuk, Anatoly; Zaporoge Report Jan 1, 2017 6941
Fe Isotopic Compositions of Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems and Their Influence Factors. Li, Xiaohu; Wang, Jianqiang; Wang, Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 8791
Evaluation of Antioxidant Effects and Inhibitory Activity of Medicinal Plants against Lipid Peroxidation Induced by Iron and Sodium Nitroprusside in the Mouse Brain. Saeed, Asma; Rehman, Saif Ur; Akram, Muhammad; Muhammad Zeeshan Bhatti, Report Apr 30, 2016 5055
17 countries to participate in iron, metal expo. Apr 24, 2016 247
Effects of soluble organic carbon addition on C[H.sub.4] and C[O.sub.2] emissions from paddy soils regulated by iron reduction processes. Peng, Qi-an; Shaaban, Muhammad; Hu, Ronggui; Mo, Yongliang; Wu, Yupeng; Ullah, Bashir Report May 1, 2015 5275
Heavy metal heaven for Iron Maiden's Nicko. Dec 19, 2014 324
Fe(III) reduction by Halomonas sp. TBZ9 and Maribobacter sp. TBZ23, isolated from Urmia Lake in Iran. Heris, Youssof Sefidi; Hajizadeh, Nader; Vahed, Sepideh Zununi; Vallipour, Javad; Hejazi, Mohammad A Report Dec 1, 2014 3482
Fe-based nanoparticles and their applications in Nano-Nuclear Technology. Sundararajan, Jennifer A.; Kaur, Maninder; Armour, William; Ytsma, Cory; Jiang, W.; McCloy, John S.; Report Dec 1, 2014 228
Applications of core-shell Fe magnetic nanoparticles from used nuclear fuel recycling to groundwater remediation. Kaur, Maninder; Qiang, You Author abstract Dec 1, 2014 210
Magnetic watermelon: Cr-doped core-shell Fe nanocluster. Kaur, Maninder; Qiang, You Abstract Dec 1, 2014 203
Condutividade da polianilina e poliacrilonitrila dopadas com FE(II) E FE(III). Filho, Yonis Fornazier; Filho, Eloi Alves da Silva; dos Santos, Vadilson Malaquias; Filho, Evaristo Report Oct 1, 2014 2598
Breaking the seal: a day at the range with an iron curtain classic. Miller, Payton Sep 1, 2014 1146
Recovery of Alumina from Khushab Bauxite by Leaching with Sulphuric Acid and Removal of Iron Impurity by Ethanol. Report Aug 31, 2014 3127
Law breakers to be dealt with iron hand: Mashhood. Aug 5, 2014 341
Washington approves &225 million for Israel's "Iron dome". Aug 5, 2014 135
Supply of (a) fuses, (b) CBs and current transformers, (c) structural rods, (d) iron stands, (e) disc type and china clay insulators, also (c) power transformers. Deadlines 8/16, 8/16, 8/16, 8/17, 8/17 & 8/1/2014. Aug 5, 2014 141
Narroway Publishing LLC/Imprint Narroway Press Announces the Release of "Rise of the Iron Eagle" Book One in Roy A. Teel Jr.'s New Fifteen Book Crime Novel Series. Aug 4, 2014 1042
Foxx to play Iron Mike. Aug 3, 2014 101
Iranian Commander: Israel's Iron Dome No More Than Illusion. Aug 3, 2014 361
Supply of (a) aluminum flat of 40 x 10 mm. size in 4 meters long joints, (b) insulated aluminum conductor of 70 mm2 cross section, (c) 14 cms. long china clay insulator, (d) two inch diameter galvanized iron pipes of 2.5 mm. thickness, also (e) 11 & 22 kV. Aug 3, 2014 174
Rehabilitation/ replacement of (a) submersible water lifting units at subordinated de-mineralizing stations (to remove iron & manganese minerals), also (d) maintenance of the water intake serving Beni Mazar Potable Water Plant (under-water works). Aug 3, 2014 164
US Senate approves $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome. Aug 2, 2014 507
Purification of drink water from iron ions with composition sorbent. Vezentsev, Alexandr Ivanovich; Sokolovskiy, Pavel Viktorovich; Buhanov, Vladimir Dmitrievich Report Aug 1, 2014 1594
Nous Infosystems is Now an "Iron" Partner with MobileIron. Jul 31, 2014 464
Hair Iron Could Spell the Future of Instant Hair Colour - US Engineers [Watch Video]. Jul 31, 2014 533
Sary-Talaa kench LLC wins auction for right to use Nadir iron mine, offering $211k. Jul 29, 2014 146
Dragon Age 3 Inquisition Romance: Cassandra Pentaghast, Dorian, Cullen, Sera, Iron Bull and Josephine Montilyet. Jul 28, 2014 635
Iron Mike Tyson Eyes Jamie Foxx to Portray Him in Biopic. Jul 27, 2014 404
Iranian Commander: Israel's Iron Dome No More Than Illusion. Jul 25, 2014 293
Iron Pony & CaJohns Fiery Foods Are Turning Up the Heat in Westerville, OH August 22-24. Jul 24, 2014 291
... or have a look at iron, animals and food. Jul 23, 2014 426
Iron Curtain bike trail 'to unite people'. Jul 23, 2014 110
Cast Iron Real Estate. Jul 23, 2014 147
Supply of various local requisites for a natural gas pipeline project under finance from KFESD - Kuwaiti Fund for Economic & Social Development including cast iron boxes, warning ribbons, steel pipes, requisites and fittings for steel pipelines and sets o. Jul 22, 2014 159
Supply of various imported requisites for a natural gas pipeline project under .finance from KFESD - Kuwaiti Fund for Economic & Social Development including small steel pipes, malleable cast iron fittings, flexible connections & jointing compound in four. Jul 22, 2014 152
Supply of (a) valves and pipes fittings, (b) special type cast iron, (c) heat exchangers & (d) connections for cranes gearboxes speed regulators. Deadlines 9/2, 9/2, 9/4 & 9/8/2014. Jul 21, 2014 144
Destiny Iron Banner Mode Released for More Schedules and the Reason Behind No Cross Platform Play. Jul 21, 2014 736
ISRAEL TIGHTENS ITS IRON GRIP ON GAZA; Battle on ground as more killed We'll widen attack, they warn. Jul 19, 2014 573
ISRAELIS TIGHTEN IRON GRIP ON GAZA; We'll widen attack, they warn; Battle on ground as more killed. Jul 19, 2014 524
ISRAELIS TIGHTEN IRON GRIP ON GAZA; We'll widen attack, they warn Battle on ground as more killed. Jul 19, 2014 534
ISRAELIS TIGHTEN IRON GRIP ON GAZA; We'll widen attack, they warn Battle on ground as more killed. Jul 19, 2014 526
ISRAELIS TIGHTEN IRON GRIP ON GAZA; We'll widen attack, they warn Hamas say 'heavy price' to pay. Jul 19, 2014 518
Our View: Government has iron clad case over wage reform. Jul 15, 2014 461
OAP beaten over head with iron bar by burglar. Jul 15, 2014 263
The iron harvest; rusty shells from the GREAT WAR STILL TAKE LIVES. Jul 15, 2014 1499
Kerry, Zarif meet in bid to iron out nuclear thorny issues. Jul 14, 2014 417
Supply of (a) caustic soda in liquid form and sodium hypo-chloride, (b) iron plates and iron beams (channels). Jul 14, 2014 134
The Iron Lady paraded her family values. Jul 13, 2014 223
HORROR AS TEEN FALLS 40FT FROM PENTHOUSE ON TO IRON RAILINGS; SICKENING HOTEL ROCKED BY ACCIDENT Young barman fights for life after party plunge. Jul 10, 2014 391
Supply of (a) electric motors with gearboxes, (b) iron & steel plates among other hardware items, also (c) two air blowers complete. Deadlines 7/17, 7/19 & 7/21/2014. Jul 10, 2014 133
Man suffers horrific head injuries after brutal attack; 33-year-old struck with iron bar. Jul 8, 2014 380
VICTIM BEATEN IN IRON BAR ATTACK; Man, 33, still in hospital. Jul 8, 2014 106
India Iron and Steel exports fall to US$ 631.29 M in June- 2014. Jul 7, 2014 689
Iron producers demand customs duties, protection fees on imported steel following energy price increases. Jul 6, 2014 503
Minister of Economy expresses readiness to iron out difficulties facing industrialists. Jul 6, 2014 147
Supply of 1,500 meters long screw type or linear welded iron pipes of 24 inch diameter & 8 mm. thickness and in 8 to 10 meters long joints. Jul 4, 2014 121
Another cast-iron tip. Westcott, Harold Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2014 154
Nobake solves a size challenge: Victaulic's long-term plan to produce large iron castings culminated in its first nobake molding line at a new site in Mexico. Cover story Jul 1, 2014 1010
Request of best offers & proposals in public auctions by sealed envelopes to utilize existing mineral resources including (a) Auction No. 1/ 2014 to sell raw titanium iron in Wadi Wadit Zone in Shalatin, (b) Auction No. 2/ 2014 to sell raw manganese at Sa. Jun 30, 2014 168
Supply of (a) iron stands, (b) low voltage china clay insulators, (c) connection boxes and cable ends, (d) power transformers & (e) ring type connection boards. Deadlines 7/16, 7/16, 7/17, 7/17 & 7/19/2014. Jun 28, 2014 137
Supply of (a) low voltage switchboards, (b) plastic & iron pipes, (c) aluminum & copper cables, (d) conductors, (e) electric copper accessories, also (f) single phase energy meters adapting to the prepayment technology. Deadlines 7/19, 7/19, 7/20, 7/20,. Jun 28, 2014 151
MK Dons in for Iron striker as Orient lose winger; LEAGUE ONE GOSSIP. Jun 28, 2014 414
Supply of (a) cast iron frames used as covers for underground rooms, also (b) supply & erection of aerators at the sand separation basins at El Berka waste water treatment plant. Jun 24, 2014 137
Factories closed for faulty iron production. Jun 23, 2014 263
Supply of (a) low voltage iron rods of 8/ 6/ 4 inches size in 10 meters length also (b) two medium voltage switchboards. Jun 22, 2014 133
Iran excavates Ghorian iron resources. Jun 21, 2014 947
Commander: Small or Big Enemies Make No Difference for IRGC's Iron Fist. Jun 16, 2014 242
Time for an Iron Curtain of our very own. Jun 16, 2014 518
GCC to use iron hand for online abusers. Jun 13, 2014 200
Chinese tourist robbed by cab driver who hit her with tire iron. Jun 12, 2014 305
Supply of (a) low voltage pipe shape rods 8/350, (b) different type/ model structural rods, (c) different diameter black iron pipes, also (d) medium voltage connection boxes and cable ends. Jun 11, 2014 154
Iron Solutions, Canada West Equipment Dealers, and SouthWestern Association Establish Bob Robeson Memorial Scholarship. Jun 7, 2014 576
How Mrs Penketh shook How Mrs Penketh shook this Welsh country house; She was the domestic servant who ran Welsh country house Erddig Hall with an iron st. But then, asTessa Boaserecounts in her new book, came an explosive incident that changed life at the family home forever... Jun 7, 2014 3560
City set to face old boy Macca; Cov Kid Macca agrees Iron deal. Jun 6, 2014 456
Supply of a 50 tons iron chain. Jun 5, 2014 112
Hanford iron may protect Columbia River. Jun 3, 2014 340
Wilson family reacquires Brewton Iron Works. Jun 1, 2014 418
Iron mining: Poland to help. May 31, 2014 127
Israeli defense contracts coming; Raytheon is Iron Dome partner. Capaccio, Tony May 29, 2014 550
Supply of special purpose iron based medicines. May 27, 2014 111
Supply of (a) 300 tons imported cast iron & (b) plus/ minus 189 tons different diameter round steel bars. May 26, 2014 129
Supply of (a) laboratory equipment and instruments to subordinated medical research laboratories, (b) a special structure of iron sectors inside ducts for the discharge pipes among other glass separators works, also (c) 10 beds and 10 chairs for artificia. May 26, 2014 159
Our 'Enery, Ali, Iron Mike & me. May 25, 2014 658
Modi ready with an iron fist and "Gujarat model". May 25, 2014 1035
POTTING THE COLOURS; Be it terracotta, cast iron, a half barrel or even just plane plastic, the humble garden container is ideal for growing all kinds of plants, flowers and grasses. May 18, 2014 900
Meet the ' concrete tummied man' who eats iron nails, ceramics and glass. May 16, 2014 160
Supply of (a) pipes & fittings of 250 mm. diameter for a discharge pipeline to serve a sanitary drainage project in Al Sega'iya Village in Markaz El Mehalla El Kobra, to be made of cast iron, GRP, UPVC or HDPE, also (b) cast iron valves & fittings for the. May 15, 2014 162
Supply of (a) pipes & fittings of 200 mm. diameter for a discharge pipeline to serve a sanitary drainage project in Benofar Village in Markaz Kafr El Zayyat, to be made of cast iron, GRP, UPVC or HDPE, also (b) cast iron valves & fittings for the same of. May 15, 2014 168
Chiniot iron to make Pk rich. May 15, 2014 344
IRON LADY II; Budge sparks Thatcher-like backlash from Tynecastle fans after wielding the axe. May 14, 2014 771
Sulaymaniyah .. Opening the largest plant for the production of iron and steel in Iraq at a cost of one billion dollars. May 12, 2014 117
Lithuania's 'Iron Lady' poised for victory amid Russia fears. May 11, 2014 708
Iron-fisted government. Will, George F. May 11, 2014 745
Film tells life story of Iron Sheik. May 9, 2014 860
Woman burned with iron in terror ordeal at home. May 9, 2014 347
Supply of different size iron plates, sections and pipes approved by the French Control Agency (BV). May 7, 2014 129
$1,200 psf for Cast Iron Soho property: cast iron real estate. May 7, 2014 176
Moshe Yaalon: Israel needs 'iron fist' against hate crime. May 5, 2014 581
Hat-trick for Wilcox but Iron slip up. May 4, 2014 162
Foxxy would fight for Iron Mike film role. May 4, 2014 170
Hat-trick for Wilcox but Iron slip up; SMLO IN ASSOCIATION WITH. May 4, 2014 162
Supply of (a) pipes & fittings of 500 mm. diameter required for a discharge pipeline required for a sanitary drainage discharge pipeline at Kofour Bishay Village in Markaz Kafr El Zayyat., also (b) of cast iron and fittings of 100 to 500 mm. diameter requ. May 3, 2014 154
Medea Benjamin: AIPAC Is Losing its Iron-Clad Grip on Congress. May 3, 2014 2251
Salmond fails to draw iron curtain over Putin praise; First Minister is defiant as rivals slate regime of Russian leader. May 2, 2014 364
The Iron Lady-in-waiting. May 2, 2014 483
Man held for hitting garage worker with iron bar in UAQ. May 1, 2014 374
KNOW YOUR MINERALS Iron. May 1, 2014 139
Man beat old pal senseless with iron bar. May 1, 2014 112
Wilson family reclaims Brewton Iron Works. May 1, 2014 159
A 'human soul on fire with great cause': William Hirth's iron-forged will and vision were essential to the formation of MFA. Lay, Chuck May 1, 2014 2212
Cast iron glory in Tribeca: Knightsbridge Properties. Apr 30, 2014 237
Poland asked to help iron mining in Punjab. Apr 30, 2014 130
Iron Fist to curb Dubai reckless driving. Apr 29, 2014 111
US revives 'Iron Curtain' policies in Ukraine showdown: Russia. Apr 29, 2014 1020
New Iron Brick Trunk is Constructed to be "The Strongest College Trunk". Apr 27, 2014 358
Supply of pipes & fittings of 250 to 500 mm. diameter for a sanitary drainage project in Markaz Saqalta in Sohag Governorate to be made of ductile cast iron, concrete pipes with steel cylinder & wrapped with iron bar, UPVC plastic pipes, also HDPE & GRP. Apr 26, 2014 145
Duchess distracts 'iron grip' George at Oz zoo. Apr 21, 2014 503
Supply of (a) different quality wood, (b) raw paints and varnishes, (c) iron channels, frames, strips and angles, (d) ball bearings, (e) styrene - butadiene, also (f) polystyrene crystal (GPPS). Deadlines 6/8, 6/9, 6/11. 6/18, 6/19 & 6/19/2014. Apr 19, 2014 170
Countdown to the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun. Apr 18, 2014 260
Iron claws... Apr 17, 2014 141
India Imports of Iron and Steel rise to US$ 730.69 M in March- 2014 - Apr 15, 2014 709
Iron on top as unbeaten run stretches to 26; League II. Apr 14, 2014 376
Iron supplements enhances women's exercise performance. Apr 13, 2014 172
I don't want just any old iron, Zena; SORT IT. Apr 13, 2014 437
I don't want just any old iron, Zena. Apr 13, 2014 434
Supply, spreading and compaction of gravel layer of 10,000 M2 area for the maintenance of decovile lines, also of another 10,000 M3 volume for the rehabilitation/ replacement of iron railway sleepers with cement railway sleepers during the 2014/ 2015 seas. Apr 12, 2014 157 Launches Kickstarter Page to Spur Production of the Iron Brick Safe. Apr 11, 2014 446
Supply of (a) 600 & 700 mm. diameter pipes of different alternatives required for two sanitary drainage stations within Markaz Beni Mazar in Menia Governorate (to be made of ductile cast iron, concrete with & without steel cylinder & wrapped with iron bar. Apr 10, 2014 252
IRGC Official Describes Iron Dome as Source of Disgrace for Israel. Apr 3, 2014 454
Senior MP Calls Israel's Iron Dome Mere Showoff. Apr 3, 2014 453
Supply of (a) 250 & 500 mm. diameter pipes of different alternatives required for two sanitary drainage stations in Seflaq & El Gellawiya within Markaz Saqalta in Sohag Governorate (made of ductile cast iron, concrete with steel cylinder & wrapped with ir. Apr 3, 2014 175
Replacement of the iron pipes carrying the cold & hot water lines at the hospital with polypropylene pipes. Apr 3, 2014 114
IRGC Official Calls Iron Dome "Serious Threat" to Israel. Apr 2, 2014 473
Senior MP Describes Israel's Iron Dome Claims as "Military Bluff". Apr 2, 2014 363
Ironmen maintain their iron grip on the title race; Local rugby. Apr 1, 2014 687
Eilat blasts Iron Dome mishap, not attack - Israel. Apr 1, 2014 164
New inserts for machining cast iron. Apr 1, 2014 198
Blackhawk bets big on nobake: the ductile and gray iron caster hopes to fill a niche by producing larger castings with a new $21 million nobake molding facility. Leider, Nicholas Apr 1, 2014 1666
HERE COMES SUMMER.. As another Norn Iron season of rain and shine arrives Harp gets ready to celebrate. Mar 31, 2014 327
Supply of (a) steam valve made of steel with flanges (64 bar), also of valve made of cast iron lined with rubber to operate in acidic media, also (b) an optical pyrometer for thermal measurements. Mar 30, 2014 146
Iron awe as Wilcox sets League best. Mar 30, 2014 244
Supply of pipes of 300 to 1,200 mm diameter for El Bagour potable water network in Menoufiya to be made of UPVC, Steel, ductile cast iron, precast concrete with & without steel cylinder, GRP, HDPE or concrete with steel cylinder wrapped with iron bars. Mar 27, 2014 152
Sport Relief stars off to a flier thanks to city's airport; Iron Maiden legend Bruce and Sainsbury's top boss launch their charity run bid from Coventry. Mar 26, 2014 379
New Zealand's Iron-Rich Dust May Have Contributed to Earth's Last Ice Age. Mar 26, 2014 343
New Zealand's Iron-Rich Dust May Have Contributed to Earth's Last Ice Age. Mar 26, 2014 351
Busy schedule tough for Iron; NON-LEAGUE. Mar 25, 2014 225
Kids to get Iron in their sports diet. Mar 24, 2014 470
Supply of (a) Swedish timber & other tree trunks, (b) special salts & minerals, (c) water treatment chemicals & (d) high silicon & low phosphorus cast iron for the foundry. Deadlines 4/7, 4/8, 4/10 & 4/14/2014. Mar 23, 2014 135
The tragic spectator: pig iron theatre company's Pay Up. Camp, Robert Quillen Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 7040
Southern Ocean iron cycle provides new insight into climate change. Mar 18, 2014 240
Iron-willed Bressie to remain off the booze; Voice Of Ireland star vows he will sacrifice drink for triathlon training. Mar 18, 2014 401
Supply of (a) GRP covers for inspection rooms, (b) equipment & tools for the operation & maintenance of sanitary drainage water lifting stations & networks, (c) cast iron fittings for the operation & maintenance of all company's divisions, also (d) differ. Mar 15, 2014 174
Iron gal Roz can't cheer her man on at live show. Mar 14, 2014 112
Supply of 300 tons imported raw cast iron of EU origin. Mar 13, 2014 107
Your blog; THIS week, Eoghan Sweeney, an 18-yearold passionate fan from Donegal, shares his respect for all things Iron Mike. Mar 12, 2014 641
Iron fail to make man advantage pay; League II. Mar 10, 2014 336
Supply of (a) galvanized iron pipes, (b) plastic pipes, (c) ball type valves, also (d) special fittings for household connections. Deadlines 3/24, 3/24, 3/24 & 3/25/2014. Mar 8, 2014 151
Injury-time strike keeps Iron second; League II. Mar 3, 2014 342
Challengers of govt writ to be dealt with iron hand: Barjees. Mar 2, 2014 214
Cast-iron tip, take 2. Akins, David Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2014 143
While the iron is hot: an increasing number of credit managers are using more tech-based solutions or (finally) getting funding to purchase new ones. Shappell, Brian Mar 1, 2014 2696
Edinburgh seeks good fortune against the Iron. Mar 1, 2014 597
Reining in Costs, Controlling Emissions: Innovations in binders, coke replacements and advanced oxidation may decrease consum lotion and boost efficienc in ductile iron casting facilities. ROSE TORIELLI, FRED. Mar 1, 2014 2734
MI5 genius who foiled British Nazi spy network with fake Iron Crosses and PS2-a-week agent; REVEALED: SECRET FILES OF WW2 HERO 'JACK KING'. Feb 28, 2014 995
Iron attack thug's jail appeal rejected. Feb 27, 2014 189
Supply of (a) pipes and fittings of 400 mm. diameter required for a sanitary drainage project in a village in Markaz El Mehalla El Kobra to be made of ductile cast iron, HDPE, UPVC or G.R.P. , also (b) cast iron valves for the same project with erection &. Feb 27, 2014 168
Supply of (a) PVC plastic pipes of 110, 160 & 225 mm. diameter & PE pipes of 225 mm. diameter, (b) ductile cast iron non-return valves of 4 inch diameter among other type valves, (c) GRP made sewer covers of 60 cms. diameter with cap & strip to with stand. Feb 25, 2014 240
Hat-trick hero Syers puts Iron level at the top; League II. Feb 24, 2014 347
Supply of (a) two chemicals injection pumps, (b) spare parts for gearboxes and strength transformers, (c) steel dies for the presses arrows, (d) rods and strips made of special steel, (e) sheets & flanges made of st. st., (f) cast iron valves with flange. Feb 23, 2014 174
Supply of (a) pipes & fittings of 250 mm. internal diameter made of ductile cast iron, concrete with steel cylinder and wrapped with C.C.P. steel bars, high density polyethylene or glass fibers reinforced pipes (GRP)., also (b) cast iron valves and erecti. Feb 20, 2014 164
India Imports of Iron and Steel rise to US$ 686.24 M in January- 2014. Feb 18, 2014 712
Iron prices likely to go up as construction sector recovers. Feb 17, 2014 386
Israel develops Stars Wars style laser shield technology 'Iron Beam'. Feb 15, 2014 131
Staff of Ministry of Emergency purchase scrap iron for rescue squad instead of home appliances, criminal probe launched. Feb 14, 2014 161
Samira Al-Ghamdi -- a psychologist strikes with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Feb 12, 2014 1845
Probe into 'iron attack' claim. Feb 12, 2014 173
The Iron Will Lady; Widow leaves PS769,000 to Tory Party 'out of spite' for her Labour-supporting family. Feb 12, 2014 336
Jalal-Abad, Naryn regions of Kyrgyzstan do not reach growth of industrial production in 2013. Feb 11, 2014 199
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Company Interview with Managing Director. Interview Feb 10, 2014 2816
Supply and erection of 1,000 mm. diameter portable water pipeline made of cast iron extending from Hasanein Dessouki St., till the linking point on Maadi Nile Cornish. Feb 8, 2014 138
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Kogi Iron Launches Company Video. Feb 4, 2014 297
Britain cannot claim to have a real representative democracy; Labour Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd was one of a generation of women who took parliament by storm. But she will leave behind a Westminster that does not yet reflect the new realities of the country outside the legislature's ornate iron gates. Feb 4, 2014 715
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Kogi Iron Company Presentation. Feb 3, 2014 302
Bride has few things to iron out with Royal Mail; THEJUDGE I'LL GET IT SORTED. Feb 2, 2014 109
CAR: an iron lady takes charge. Nakombo-Sizwe, Jean-Pierre Feb 1, 2014 1307
Encapsulation of iron(III) oxide in carbon nanotube bundles using pulsed laser ablation. Liew, Sengchoy; Ramli, Irmawati; Yahya, Noorhana; Shaari, Abdul Halim Report Feb 1, 2014 2227
Baldwin sits out clash with Iron; HARTLEPOOL UTD. Jan 31, 2014 117
Nigeria: Govt. moves to revive iron, steel sub-sector. Jan 31, 2014 242
Completion of (a) two bridges across Al Rayyah Al Abassi Canal, (b) maintenance & renovation of other bridges, also (c) supply of iron pipes required for the irrigation wheels to be delivered to the warehouses. Deadlines 2/11, 2/11 & 2/12/2014. Jan 30, 2014 152
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Announces Positive and Robust PFS for Agbaja. Jan 29, 2014 627
Washington and Karzai must iron out accord. Jan 27, 2014 251
KIDD GLOVE.. IRON FIST; Poyet's warning for his sub-standard second string. Jan 27, 2014 519
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Finalises Agbaja Processing Plant Design. Jan 24, 2014 1321
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Further Optimises Barging Study. Jan 23, 2014 1010
Call up Iron Mike Roy. Jan 22, 2014 151
Iron clad note sale: Kennedy Funding. Jan 22, 2014 136
Means to iron out difficulties preventing ISIE from starting work looked at. Jan 20, 2014 166
Blankety blank for the Iron; League II. Jan 20, 2014 269
Supply of iron raw materials. Jan 17, 2014 111
Israel launches massive Gaza airstrike after Iron Dome intercepts rockets. Jan 16, 2014 194
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Further Lowers Strip Ratio For Mine Plan. Jan 15, 2014 921
Striking while the iron's not on; THE BIG INTERVIEW To mark the publication of her second book Mums on Strike, Echo columnist Laura Kemp downed tools for 24 hours. This is how she got on... Interview Jan 15, 2014 1487
Sabounjian, Nahhas tackle ways to ensure continuity of production in Selaata iron plant. Jan 14, 2014 103
Hero Hayes' goals keep Iron ahead; League II. Jan 13, 2014 353
Double delight for Hayes on third debut for Iron; LEAGUE TWO. Jan 13, 2014 209
Our cities need to break free from Whitehall's iron grip; Newcastle Council leader NICK FORBES on the latest funding cuts to hit local authorities - and why more power will help the city to fight back. Jan 13, 2014 1328
FREE US FROM 'IRON GRIP'. Jan 13, 2014 133
Official: Iran Retains Position as WorldaACAOs 2nd Largest Sponge Iron Producer. Jan 12, 2014 230
City reign of terror; EVEN IRON MIKE THINKS MANCS ARE BIG BULLIES! Jan 12, 2014 364
Time to iron out the truth at last. Jan 10, 2014 441
14yrs for mongan; Thug battered gran, 70, and teen with iron bar. Jan 10, 2014 231
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Typical Product Specifications of the proposed Agbaja Fines Product. Jan 10, 2014 436
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Kogi completes Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. Jan 7, 2014 822
Iron Lady's plans to send in troops. Jan 3, 2014 641
Iron make most of their chance. Jan 2, 2014 205
Request for registration for suppliers and producers of raw materials and requisites to produce butagas stoves including black steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel in sheets and rolls, iron pipes, stainless steel wire mesh, wire shelves and iron fl. Jan 2, 2014 150
Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook, revised edition. Book review Jan 1, 2014 133
Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook, revised edition. Book review Jan 1, 2014 133
Synthesis of imine-naphthol tripodal ligand and study of its coordination behaviour towards Fe(III), Al(III), and Cr(III) metal ions. Kaur, Kirandeep; Baral, Minati Report Jan 1, 2014 6445
A MD simulation and analysis for aggregation behaviors of nanoscale zero-valent iron particles in water via MS. Zhao, Ying; Liu, Dongmei; Tang, Huan; Lu, Jing; Cui, Fuyi Report Jan 1, 2014 6135
The process of nanostructuring of metal (iron) matrix in composite materials for directional control of the mechanical properties. Zemtsova, Elena; Yurchuk, Denis; Smirnov, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2014 7248
Dechlorination of hexachloroethane in water using iron shavings and amended iron shavings: kinetics and pathways. Wu, D.L.; Liu, Y.X.; Liu, Z.G.; Ma, L.M. Report Jan 1, 2014 5041
Purification of anthocyanins with o-dihydroxy arrangement by sorption in cationic resins charged with Fe(III). Castaneda-Ovando, Araceli; Galan-Vidal, Carlos Andres; Contreras-Lopez, Elizabeth; Paez-Hernandez, M Report Jan 1, 2014 5363
10 Things to know about soldering iron tip maintenance: High tin solders are quick to dissolve iron plating, but there are ways to extend tip life. by RAY CIRIMELE. Cirimele, Ray Jan 1, 2014 2459
Lab M's new Iron Sulphite Agar. Jan 1, 2014 188
Industrial Gases Market in India Riding at 14% CAGR on Increasing Capacity of Iron & Steel Plants Says TechSci Research. Dec 29, 2013 574
Iron and steel workers demand pay. Dec 29, 2013 302
Iron started Boxing Day blaze. Dec 27, 2013 116
'Iron Mike' Tyson finds accepting responsibility 'biggest battle' in life. Dec 21, 2013 247
Iron and Steel workers accuse the government of deception. Dec 21, 2013 388
Dubai group works with Iron Maiden front man. Dec 17, 2013 741
Iron market revives after stagnation. Dec 17, 2013 340
Iron and Steel strike deal falls through, workers continue to protest. Dec 15, 2013 546
Iron and Steel workers strike a deal. Dec 14, 2013 493
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) KFE upgrades Scoping Study to Preliminary Feasibility Study. Dec 13, 2013 740
EIPR announces support for Iron and Steel workers' demands. Dec 12, 2013 369
Supply, transport & installation of (a) Ductile Cast Iron & UPVC pipes of different diameters in En Shams among and in other areas, also (b) implementing of a sanitary drainage pipeline to serve Zahraa El Maadi Sewage Lifting Station. Dec 11, 2013 152
Iron and steel workers' strike escalates. Dec 10, 2013 387
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) 20% increase in Mineral Resources at Kogi's Agbaja Project to 586Mt. Dec 10, 2013 1372
Supply of (a) sewer covers made of cast iron with strap, (b) cast iron pipes, fittings and valves, also (c) flexible steel rods for the cleaning of sewers & sanitary drainage pipelines. Deadlines 1/1, 1/2 & 1/5/2014. Dec 8, 2013 149
Iron and steel workers' grievances to be resolved soon: Ministry of Manpower. Dec 4, 2013 489
National Society For Iron and Steel created in Algeria. Dec 4, 2013 412
Supply of (a) different quality (lube) oils & greases, also (b) 150 tons machined cast iron scrap. Dec 4, 2013 138
Iron Maiden star pulls a pint of his own beer. Dec 3, 2013 152
ETUF declares solidarity with striking iron and steel workers. Dec 3, 2013 441
MRI technique may help detect low brain iron in ADHD patients. Dec 2, 2013 172
Striking iron and steel workers weld shut factory gates in Helwan. Dec 2, 2013 306
Top iron sight choices for today's defensive handgunner. Nance, Richard Dec 1, 2013 1536
Investigation of solid particles under the action of an acoustic field/Skystyje esanciu kietuju daleliu saveikos akustiniame lauke tyrimas. Mykolaitis, Egidijus; Styra, Andrius; Vekteris, Vladas Report Dec 1, 2013 1517
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Managing Director Presentation - 2013 Annual General Meeting. Nov 29, 2013 293
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Completes Mine Design for Scoping Study. Nov 28, 2013 860
Corruption alleged in Kerala iron mine deal. Nov 27, 2013 264
Supply & erection of poultry growing equipment and iron structures for the construction of a chicks growing division of 1,092 M2 area. Nov 27, 2013 126
Supply of 100 to 1,000 mm. diameter pipes and fittings required for the potable water network of Markaz & City of Tama to be made of ductile cast iron, steel, G.R.P., precast concrete with and without steel cylinder, UPVC plastic pipes, HDPE - high densit. Nov 26, 2013 173
Supply of ductile cast iron valves, dismantling & erection fittings of diameters ranging 100 to 1,000 mm. diameter required for the potable water network of Markaz & City of Tama. Nov 26, 2013 137
Rehabilitation/ replacement of (a) Intakes on public canals and private mesqas at subordinated locations, also (b) supply of iron pipes of different diameters for the irrigation wheels at subordinated canals. Nov 25, 2013 146
I may risk buying wife a 7-iron for Christmas! Nov 21, 2013 606
Laws gets the Iron bullet. Nov 21, 2013 354
Dylan adds Any Old Iron to his repertoire. Nov 15, 2013 196
Bob Dylan's iron gates, sculptures on exhibit in London. Nov 15, 2013 125
Bulgarian Parliament Guarded by Iron 'Wall'. Nov 13, 2013 386
THE WEIRD WORLD OF IRON MIKE.. DOPE, COCAINE & A FAKE WILLY; Tyson was on drugs in Bruno bout. Nov 13, 2013 270
We heard Dougie scream. I ran over and just battered the croc with my 9-iron; DRAGON SLAYERS HOW PALS SAVED SCOT Golf buddies relive bunker battle with lethal 12ft reptile trying to eat their mate elive batt EXCLUSIVE CHRIS CLEMENTS Nov 13, 2013 677
Historic iron site opens to public. Nov 13, 2013 201
scunny scare; Iron manager Laws is grateful for a replay. Nov 10, 2013 1598
SCUNNY SCARE; Iron manager Laws is grateful for a replay. Nov 10, 2013 1593
Criminals to be dealt with iron hand to ensure peace in Karachi: PM. Nov 9, 2013 215
Community's iron will to save the Eston Hills. Nov 8, 2013 385
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Company Presentation - ADU Singapore. Nov 7, 2013 261
Iron out those family fall-outs before big day; It may be known as the season of goodwill but for many families, Christmas means stress, rows and tricky relatives. A Relate counsellor shares top tips with Abi Jackson on how to banish bust-ups this winter. Nov 7, 2013 668
United's 'Iron Mike' shows his resolve; Defender is set to retain his place. Nov 7, 2013 471
Kogi Iron Limited (ASX:KFE) Clarification Statement - Agbaja Project. Correction notice Nov 6, 2013 601
Watson's kids show steel against Iron; ACADEMY LATEST. Nov 6, 2013 305
IRON WILL! Nov 4, 2013 420
By the book: Iowa State Antique Tractor Club members learn fine points of old iron. Sorensen, Loretta Nov 1, 2013 1262
Bust up cast iron tubs (and other stuff). Petersen, Mark Nov 1, 2013 127
CY and Hermes meet to iron out financial differences. Nov 1, 2013 378
Northwest iron company's shares on the delist list. Nov 1, 2013 257
A lost Gem Found: a historic renovation has allowed the Iron Block Building in Milwaukee to return to its former glory. Mirel, Diana Nov 1, 2013 1104
Iron may be at heart of Alzheimer's disease. Richmond, M. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 231
SC slaps Centre with iron hand. Oct 31, 2013 585
How exploding stars and black holes sowed early cosmos with iron. Oct 31, 2013 321

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