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Irish Man of The People: The rotten truth about our caring, kind society.

Byline: Stephen Maguire

A man's body is found in a filthy city centre lane nearly three weeks after he disappeared.

It sounds like a story from some poverty-stricken Third World country where millions of people live on the streets and where life is cheap.

But this shocking incident happened in our booming capital city, close to a thriving area packed with bars, shops and businesses.

Welcome to Dublin 2001!

One can only imagine the grief now being suffered by 25-year-old Fermanagh man Paul McQuaid's family.

Day after day they scoured the streets of Dublin, putting up posters and talking to hundreds of people as they desperately searched for clues to his whereabouts.

The discovery of Paul's body in Glendenning Lane near Grafton Street stunned them to the core.

This week they lashed out at the Gardai for offering them "no assistance" during their search. And who can blame them?

Their agony was compounded when it was revealed that the Gardai were put off from carrying out an extensive search for Paul because of the huge cost of the operation to find Trevor Deely, who disappeared before Christmas and who has never been found.

The result was that Paul's body lay rotting in a laneway just yards from the Judge Roy Bean's bar where he left his friends on the night of May 12.

He had apparently fallen from an overhead fire escape - although nobody knows what he was doing on it.

His body was only found when a security guard checked the area because of a bad smell.

Staff in a nearby restaurant also revealed they had switched off their air conditioning for several days because of the foul smell coming from the lane.

It seems astonishing that with these clues the Gardai never discovered the body. One single sniffer dog would surely have done the job for them.

The Gardai must conduct a serious review of their procedures so that such a tragic mistake is not made again.


PAUL McQUAID: Found dead
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2001
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