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Irish Daily Mirror Comment : Donegal's suffering must end.

THE news just keeps getting worse for the embattled people of Donegal.

Workers in the stricken North West county wake up every morning with a sense of impending doom as job after job falls by the wayside.

The latest employees to fall foul of circumstances are 67 Clubman Omega staff, told yesterday they were no longer needed in this age of high costs.

Last week, 560 workers at Hospira were shown the door while everyone knows about the collapse of the once-booming Fruit Of The Loom facility.

Unemployment in the region is now way above the 17 per cent mark, more than four times the national average.

Traditional manufacturing sectors are disappearing fast, relocating in low-cost economies across the globe.

How bad must this get before alarm bells start to ring in the Dail?

When Fruit Of The Loom wound up last year, the then Enterprise Minister Mary Harney declared Donegal a priority area. God help them if they ever slip off the priority list.

Agriculture Minister and Donegal TD Mary Coughlan announced last week she would attempt to accelerate the civil servant decentralisation process as a matter of urgency.

Surely that should be just the start.

Without urgent action, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland could become a wasteland.
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 31, 2005
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