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Irish Daily Mirror Comment: Put brakes on car con.

IRISH citizens are suffering cutback after cutback while the government throws money at refugees.

In the latest scandal to rock Bertie Ahern's powerhouse some rogue refugees are using government handouts to buy cars.

They have been exchanging EUR4,000 cheques for secondhand vehicles instead of using the cash to care for their families.

The aid - taxpayers' money - is earmarked for the upkeep and main-tenance of people in dire straits. That means necessities such as food and clothing.

Not for cruising around Ireland while the country's needy struggle for the price of a bus fare.

It's an insult to young people forced to abandon hopes of becoming car owners because of the crippling cost of insurance.

The government needs to pull the plug on this scam.

Every sympathy should be extended to refugees from war-ravaged countries who are legitimately seeking asylum.

But these money-grabbers who have exposed a loophole in the legislation must be weeded out.

Turning a blind eye to the situation simply isn't good enough.

These con artists are depriving others of vital aid and making a mockery of the system.
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2002
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