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Ireland : Ryanair Releases Channel 4 Dispatches Letters.

Ryanair, today (12 Aug) responded to the false claims made in the C4 Dispatches programme by issuing the following statement and publishing the full exchange of letters with C4 Dispatches as follows:

Ryanair rejected the false and defamatory claims made by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme which wrongly impugn and smear Ryanair s outstanding 29 year safety record based on nothing more than anonymous hearsay claims made by individuals whose identity was concealed, and/or by representatives of pilot unions of Ryanair s competitor airlines masquerading as a Non Ryanair Pilot Group.

Ryanair has today released on its website the entire exchange of correspondence with Channel 4 Dispatches which highlights the following facts:

1. The evidence provided by Ryanair and the Irish Aviation Authority conclusively disproves these false claims about Ryanair s fuel policy and/or Ryanair s outstanding safety record.

2. The programme relies upon hearsay claims by anonymous alleged Ryanair pilots, despite the fact that Ryanair offered legally binding guarantees to these individuals of no sanction if they made these claims on the record, solely so that Ryanair could publish details of their individual flight records, fuel records, sickness records and safety reports which would disprove their false claims. Despite these assurances, C4 Dispatches insisted on maintaining their anonymity because, Ryanair believes, these individuals know that their claims are false and unsupported by evidence.

3. Despite the evidence provided by Ryanair and the I disproving these fuel and safety claims, Dispatches have failed to address or report this evidence, preferring instead to publish these false claims in an unfair, unbalanced and inaccurate programme.

4. Channel 4 Dispatches have repeatedly refused Ryanair s offer of an unedited interview with CEO Michael O Leary, in which he offered to address any claims raised by Dispatches and rubbish the false claims made by these anonymous contributors. Dispatches would only interview Michael O Leary if they could edit his answers, which was not fair or acceptable to Ryanair.

5. Ryanair provided Dispatches with a short statement (below) rejecting the false claims made by the programme, however Channel 4 Dispatches have refused to report this short statement in its unedited form.

6. Channel 4 Dispatches cannot be relied upon to fairly or accurately report on matters relating to Ryanair, having previously (in 2006) used actors to pose as sleeping Ryanair cabin crew to promote an earlier and equally inaccurate programme on Ryanair s safety.

7. The Irish Aviation Authority, which is the independent safety regulator for all Irish airlines has confirmed (attached) that Ryanair fully complies with EU fuel policies, including allowing all its pilots to take as much fuel as they wish to.

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Date:Aug 14, 2013
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