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Rusty B. Wilson

Songbird Publications

4616 Orange Grove Avenue, Orange, CA 92869

0978711718, $14.95

Rusty Wilson is a professional journalist who wrote columns for the Orange County Register giving his firsthand observations of the conditions and people he met and worked with in Iraq while serving on a Forward Operating Base as a Morale, Recreation and Recreation staffer in support of the American troops. His newspaper columns ran between July and December 2004 and offered an apolitical account drawn from his observations and conversations with serving men and women, in addition to his own personal experiences and perspectives on what he saw himself. When he returned from duty in Iraq he drew from those published columns to write "Iraq: The Story You'll Never Get From The Media". Beginning with a brief review of Iraq's history, the path civilian contractors take to get there, and a collection of stories about soldiers he never met, Rusty details what he learned from the Iraqis he met and his afterthoughts upon returning to the U.S. The result is a especially well-written narrative that is as informed as it is informative--and a welcome, necessary, and very highly recommended contribution to the national discourse that is as timely as today's evening news broadcasts.
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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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