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Iraq war dodgy dossier 'written to order'.

Byline: John Ferguson

A SENIOR intelligence officer has told how he was ordered to "sex up" the "dodgy dossier" making the case for war in Iraq.

Major General Michael Laurie wrote to the Chilcot inquiry into the conflict contesting evidence given by the Downing Street spin doctor Alastair Campbell. He had told the inquiry the 2002 document was designed to set out UK concerns, not "make the case for war".

But Laurie, the former head of Defence Intelligence, said: "I and those involved in its production saw it as that, and that was the direction we were given."

His damning account of how intelligence was spun to fit the case for war by Tony Blair's government is among new documents released by the panel yesterday.

They also include a memo drawn up two years before the invasion by the then head of MI6, suggesting getting rid of Saddam would help secure oil supplies. Campbell waged a war of words with the BBC over a report claiming he "sexed up" the documents on Iraq.

Defence intelligence expert David Kelly was outed as the source and ended up taking his own life.

Last night, Campbell stood by his testimony and insisted on Twitter he had never met Laurie.


DENIAL: Campbell
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 13, 2011
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