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Iraq War: Expert hits out at depleted uranium.

A WELSH expert claims soldiers and civilians in Iraq will contract serious illnesses due to weapons which use depleted uranium (DU).

Aberystwyth-based Dr Chris Busby, who serves on a Government defence body, said the allies plan to use 1,500 tonnes of armarments in Iraq which contain DU,five times more than used in the first Gulf war.

Dr Busby,a Green Party science and technology spokesman who is a member of the Ministry of Defence Depleted Uranium Oversight Board, warns it will lead to serious sickness and cancer.

But the claims have been denied by the MoD which insists DU is safe.

Dr Busby said: ``This is a matter of serious concern. There is a lot of depleted uranium still out there from the first Gulf war in the desert and they are looking at using about five times as much.

``There will be a huge increase in cancer and ill health which we saw after the first Gulf war, which of course the MoD will try to dismiss as stress or other reasons.

``Thousands of troops and Iraq civilians are going to die because of this.''

Dr Busby,a radiation expert who has advised the European Parliament and the Royal Society about DU,believes there is a link between the hard metal and increased rates of sickness with those coming into contact.

DU is twice as dense as lead and burns on contact with its target, releasing radioactive particles.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Mar 31, 2003
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