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Iraq Folly II: Warmongers in Waiting Want to Dynamite the Planet.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Because of the US-led War on Terror, half of the Middle East is in ruins, at risk of falling deeper into chaos and division.

Here, many more Muslims are becoming increasingly disposable. After 13 years since the Iraq War, foreign-backed terrorism has forced much of the region towards utter chaos, to near-collapse levels, and to a state of helplessness. Strange enough, defenseless civilians in places like Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya still find themselves being blamed for their misfortunes and ISIL - the vanguard in the Anglo-American-Israeli proxy war of attrition against the Muslim world. The evidence keeps accumulating: In a disgraceful display of high-level disregard for International Law, the former, current and future warmongers are attempting to shift the blame on Muslims. It's not that hard to understand why, as numerous studies and reports have documented the terrible consequences of the US-led War on Terror that make those following the Muslim faith much less optimistic about the future. The growing level of violence and Islamophobia means that their children will likely see less opportunities for their own futures as well. It may be getting worse. The current and former Western officials as well as warmongers in waiting are calling for the British-American militaries to engage in yet another ground war in Iraq. In this regard, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair admits underestimating forces of destabilization in the Middle East when Britain joined the US in invading Iraq in 2003. He, however, stops short of actually apologizing for the UK's role in the Iraq War that "admittedly" paved the way for the emergence of ISIL. Also, he refuses to take responsibility for his own crimes which are condemnable under International Law. In fact, the war criminal follows up his admission of culpability with a new call for war, this time against the terrorist group ISIL, which he repeatedly refers to as "these people"! In his words, "Be in no doubt that if you want to defeat these people you are going to have to wage a proper ground war against them." The argument is simple. Blair claims his understanding is a lot deeper today than it was when he was prime minister. He says last time - along with many military commanders, former ministers, intelligence officers, and top officials - he was wrong to engage the British military in a ground war in Iraq. The question is what makes him think this time he is right single-handedly, and that his completely paralyzed brain is not underestimating profoundly the destabilizing forces that are still at work to take advantage of yet another war of deceit and aggression? Indeed, there is no golden allure of the past for Blair to follow. The man who "underestimated it all" has taken no notice of what is actually happening around him in the present day, remarkably in Europe, where the security situation dictates that the warmongers should never be allowed for yet another try. Notwithstanding, one can also recognize in Blair's opportunistic politics and perversity an echo of the Donald Trump phenomenon in the US: Erecting walls, banning Muslims from entering the US, nuking Muslims, and making America great again. At the same time, there is another trend that seems to echo Hillary Clinton's 90s nostalgia for good old days: Yemen blockade, more sanctions against Iran, Syria escalation, and no focus on more important stuff like ending America's obsession with endless wars. That says why in both Europe and in the US, many people see the existing political system there as hopelessly corrupt, in thrall to the rich and powerful, and increasingly removed from any real democratic control. In Europe, such voters see the European Union as usurping their own countries' sovereignty and citizens' democratic rights, in favor or a remote and uncaring bureaucracy in Brussels. In the US, the driving force has been a similar sense that the US government and the two dominant political parties no longer really represent the interests of ordinary people, and are instead increasingly owned by the rich in the Wall Street, by the Zionist lobby, and by large banks and global corporations, including the Military-Industrial Complex. It's not that hard to see the sheer folly in all this flatulent exercise in delusional nostalgia. There is no plainer lesson from the events of recent years than the recklessness of Syria War and the non-urgency of invading Iraq all over again. Any new ground war in Iraq may ultimately prove more harmful for regional security and peace. There is only one kicker here. This time it seems likely to dynamite the entire planet.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:May 26, 2016
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