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Iranians to Learn about Ukrainian Tales, Poems.

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Selected and translated by Bahador Bagheri, "Ukrainian Tales" and "When I Look Upon your Eyes: Ukrainian Poems" were marketed in Iran.

The book "Ukrainian Tales" contains stories and tales from Ukraine that have affinities with Iranian tales in form or in content. The stories are divided into 'Animal Fables', 'Magic Tales', 'Epigrams', 'Allegories' and 'Moral Tales'. Translated and compiled by Bagheri, the book also makes a comparison between Ukrainian and Iranian literatures, the Iranian book news agency said in a report.

The foreword to the book familiarizes the readers for the first time with Ukrainian literature from Vladimir Prop's morphologic point of view. This is followed with a comparative reading of these narratives with Iranian tales of Good and Evil, the report said.

Referring to his experience of living and teaching Persian in Ukraine and his acquaintance with the literature of this country, Bagheri said: "Having accessed a number of English sources on Ukrainian literature, I found out that these tales are not limited to Ukraine and show affinities with tales of other nations including Iran."

"Ukrainian Tales" is compiled by Bahador Bagheri, academic member of Tarbiat Moallem University of Tehran and published in 1500 copies and 241 pages by Sokhanvaran Publications.

Bagheri's second book of Ukrainian poetry is also recently released to the market by Saless Publications.

"When I Look Upon your eyes" contains a selected number of poems by Ukrainian poets that are converted into Persian by Bahador Bagheri and Anna Bocharnikova.

"The book is compiled by Anna Bocharnikova, a young student of Persian language and literature at Shevchenko University, introducing the works of eleven well-known Ukrainian poets from mid-18th century to the present time," he explained.

Bagheri continued, "I was in charge of translating the biographical notes, criticism and analysis of the works and ideas of these poets from English sources, and Bocharnikova undertook translating the poems to Persian. Then I edited the translations by proofreading the transliterated works and attempted to make translations as close to the original writing styles as possible."

Referring to famous Ukrainian poets introduced in this book, he added that these poems are fresh and attractive for literary readers in terms of form and content. However, this literature has suffered from negligence, censorship and injustice in the reign of Tsar and even during the Communist period.

He also emphasized on the dynamism, simplicity and clarity of Ukrainian language that facilitate translation procedures.

According to Bagehri, Ukrainian poems have a wide range of subjects and styles. Motifs of love, irony, sociopolitical subjects, war poetry, patriotism and universal concerns, and resistance against colonialism are all found in these poems.

"When I Look Upon your Eyes: Ukrainian Poems" co-translated by Bahador Bagheri and Anna Bocharnikova is published by Saless Publications.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
Date:Nov 28, 2011
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