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Iranian gouged out eye of girl he killed in U.K.

An Iranian man seeking political asylum in Manchester, England, was sentenced to life in prison Monday for gouging out the eye and murdering a nurse he had dated.

Iman Saeed Ghaefelipour, 28, stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Katie Cullen, 130 times in the neck and head, tried to sever her right hand and gouged out her right eyeball October 22, 2009. He left her body in her living room. The next day, Ghaefelipour was arrested while boarding a bus in Greater Manchester. He initially pled not guilty but changed his plea to guilty in January.

Ms. Cullen, 34, met pizza delivery boy Ghaefelipour at a salsa dancing class in early 2008. They dated for six months, but things ended when Ms. Cullen discovered that Ghaefelipour had stolen 3,000 [pounds sterling] ($4,500) from her bank account.

She agreed not to press charges on the condition that he paid her back in installments. This lead to continual contact with her ex-boyfriend, and this is how Ghaefelipour found out Ms. Cullen had a new man in her life.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Ghaefelipour went to Ms. Cullen's home to try to win back her heart.

But his failure led to a "horrific and sustained assault, not even ceasing in his frenzied attack when she lost consciousness," said prosecutor Graham Wood.

Television security cameras captured Ghaefelipour near the scene of the crime and Wood showcased her blood on his jeans, which were found at his house.

Justice Ryder sentenced Ghaefelipour to life with a minimum time in prison of 23 years and 24 days. He also ordered that Ghaefelipour be deported after completion of his sentence.
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Title Annotation:Around the globe: Diaspora
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Apr 23, 2010
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