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Iranian Air Force Equips Fighter Jets with New Radar-Evading Technology.

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Republic Air Force announced on Sunday that IRAF will quip all its fighter jets with new radar-evading bodies.

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Air Force for Operations General Mohammad Alavi said the new home-made radar-evading bodies have just passed various tests successfully and the IRAF plans to use these bodies for all its fighter jets.

"The prototype body which helps our fighters to go completely off screen has accomplished all tests and will soon be mass-produced," he said.

Alavi also mentioned that the Air Force has designed and developed three models of radar and communication jammers to boost the country's capability in electronic warfare.

"These jammers have accomplished their final tests and will be mounted on our fighters this (Iranian) year," he stated.

Iran has taken long strides in designing and manufacturing military tools, equipment and technologies in recent years. The country has even built several fighter jets through home-made technologies.

Earlier this year, a senior IRAF commander stressed that the country's fighter jets are now capable of conducting operations in all weather and climate conditions after new navigation systems were mounted on all Air Force fighters.

Speaking to FNA about the capabilities of the Army's Air Force, Commander of Mehrabad Air Base General Hamid Reza Godini stated that the Iranian defense industries have designed and developed new navigation systems and missiles and mounted them onto the country's fighter jets.

"To boost the combat capability of our planes to enable them to conduct fighting operations in all climate and weather conditions, we need up-to-date navigation systems and proper equipment for our fighter jets, and we have designed, developed and mounted these equipment onto our fighter jets," the commander added.

"We are now ready to fighting in all weather conditions," Godini noted.

The commander further stated that the Iranian aircraft have already been equipped with different missiles with different range.

Yet, the Air Force is seeking to optimize the range and power of these missiles in a bid to upgrade its power for confronting possible aggressive moves by the enemies, he added.

"We have taken special steps to enhance the range of our air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and we will have some good news about an increase in the range of missiles and some modifications and great changes in the missile systems of our fighter jets," the commander stressed.

Also, a senior Iranian commander announced in August that the country's Air Force has equipped all its fighter jets with new radar systems and electronic devices to improve their performance in night operations.

"New electronic and radar systems have been used by the Air Force for night flights," General Amir Hossein Chitforoush told FNA.

"These systems had been upgraded and optimized during the last year and we are using them now," he added.

Chitforoush further explained that night flights, combats and bombardments are carried out in absolute darkness and merely with the help of highly advanced radar systems, thus, to conduct night flights and bombardment, the country's fighter jets should still be equipped with more upgraded equipment and systems.

The Iranian Air Force commanders had earlier announced that the country has now reached a point that it can produce and mount its own radar systems on the Air Force fleet.

Iran in February 2010 announced self-sufficiency in the production of radars with a senior Iranian commander stressing that Tehran is now able to produce all types of radars by itself.

"We have the honor to announce that we have reached full self-sufficiency in the production of different types of the needed radars with different ranges and frequency bands," Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani said.

"We have attained outstanding progress in area of manufacturing and optimizing different types of defense systems and information and communication systems," the commander added.

Also, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi announced at the same time that the country's radar systems are capable of detecting every target in the air.

"Today, we own sea-based and ground-based radars as well as radars which are capable of identifying multiple air targets in various frequencies and at different altitudes," Vahidi said at the time.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
Date:Apr 3, 2011
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