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Iran-inspired truce in Lebanon will be tested.

A media truce inspired by this week's visit to Lebanon by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be tested when the cabinet meets on Wednesday, according to daily AN NAHAR and others Saturday. During his two-day official visit, the Iranian leader managed to calm down political bickering over the controversial Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), which is probing the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. The main item on the cabinet's agenda is the divisive issue of "false witnesses," who the opposition claims has "misled the initial investigation."

Officials hope the cabinet will reach a consensus on the resolution of this issue. On November 4, Lebanese Muslim and Christian leaders are scheduled to meet under President Michel Suleiman to consider plans for a national defense strategy for Lebanon. A number of plans are on the table, but none have been agreed upon and approved that would decide the role of the Shiite group Hizbullah and its arsenal. Hizbullah is the most powerful armed militia in Lebanon. It fought a 33day war against the Israeli army in the summer of 2006, in which some 1,200 Lebanese killed. Some Lebanese complain that Hizbullah has become too powerful and intimidating to contain.
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Publication:The Weekly Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Oct 16, 2010
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