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Iran-Nuclear program.

Columnist Ibrahim al-Absi of the Jordanian daily AL RAI suggested on Wednesday that the issue of Iran's nuclear program could be set for a new and dramatic development. The columnist said that after the US rejected Iran's offer to enrich uranium in a European country, and instead responded by imposing further sanctions on the Islamic Republic and further isolating it from the world, Tehran could take things to the "next level." Absi stated that Iran was intent on going forward with its nuclear program no matter how severe sanctions imposed on it were. He cited Ahmadinejad as saying that Iran would continue with its nuclear program "no matter how much Tehran is isolated and without the help of any country."

Absi stated that Iran "truly" believes it has the right to have a nuclear program, which it maintains is for peaceful power generation only. The columnist said Iran's nuclear program would be used to help the country develop its industrial, agricultural, and service industries. "With Iran's current position in the world, the nuclear program is the only thing Iranians have got," he said. The columnist then warned that if America was to maintain its current policy of forcing Iran to give up its nuclear program, and if Iran continued to enrich uranium locally, then the US and its allies, namely Israel, would have to resort to military means to end Iran's nuclear program.

Absi said that such a solution would have severe negative effects on the Arab World. "It would gravely destabilize the region," he said. The columnist concluded by stating that Israel would be the main aggressor in a possible war against Iran. "Israelis are becoming more and more excited by the day, as the possibility of an all-out destructive war continually increases."
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Title Annotation:ARAB OPINIONS
Publication:The Weekly Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Feb 13, 2010
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