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Iran Is Offering 17 Oil Blocks in '07 Bidding Round.

NIOC is to tender 12 onshore oil blocks and five offshore tracts. They will be offered at a tender conference in Vienna on Feb. 1-2. The tracts have been listed as follows:
1- the Kalat Block, onshore;
2- the Quchan Block, onshore;
3- the Naft Shahr Block, onshore;
4- the Ham Block, onshore;
5- the Danan Block, onshore;
6- the Fasa Block, onshore;
7- the Bandar Abbas Block, onshore;
8- the Raz Block, onshore;
9- the Maraveh Tapeh Block, onshore;
10-the Moghan Block 1, onshore;
11-the Moghan Block 2, onshore;
12-the Kavir Block, onshore;
13-the Alvand Block, offshore, Persian Gulf;
14-the Ferdowsi Block, offshore, Persian Gulf;
15-the Laleh Block, offshore, Persian Gulf;
16-the Taban Block, offshore, Persian Gulf; and
17-the Dayyer Block, offshore, Persian Gulf.
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Publication:APS Review Oil Market Trends
Date:Nov 27, 2006
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