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Iran: Germany backed protests: Spiegel: accused just having an affair!

The Tehran media have been reporting all week that two German diplomats were arrested during the Ashura protests for actively fomenting disorder, but the German magazine Der Spiegel says no diplomats were arrested but a German police officer assigned to the embassy is in trouble for having an affair with an Iranian

Der Spiegel said the German government flew the that police officer and a second one back to Germany in mid-January.

The magazine complained that the Iranian government had planted the false stories in the media about diplomats being caught encouraging disorder.

The German government said no Germans were arrested at the Ashura protests.

Der Spiegel said officer Joerg B. had an affair with an Iranian woman. The magazine said Iranian intelligence had been reading his emails from the embassy and discovered his love notes to the woman. The article did not indicate if Germany suspects all its staff emails are going to the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

Some eighteen months ago, another police officer at the embassy, Ingo W., was similarly caught in an affair and removed from the country, the magazine said.

But the Iranian media said nothing about an affair. Instead, they said two German diplomats "Yogi"--very similar to the names of the two lovebirds--were arrested on Ashura. They credited the information to an unnamed deputy intelligence minister briefing the media.

Tehran news reports said the German diplomats had an Iranian female agent who provided information "at anytime, day or night." They said the unnamed woman recruited a network of young Iranians to help coordinate protests. The reports claimed Iranian investigators found gold and precious medals on the woman when they arrested her, and said that was her pay for her espionage.

News reports said the arrested diplomats were carrying anti-regime signs and posters when they were nabbed, making an open-and-shut case.

The spy tale, circulated last Wednesday by the deputy intelligence minister, was the first time Iranian officials had implicated Germany in the protests. The charge was aired one day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tehran was running out of time to avoid further sanctions. The charges were also aired after the police lovebird had been returned to Germany.
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Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Feb 5, 2010
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