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Iran's shrimp export registers new record.


Iran's shrimp export registered a new record and amounted to 15,177 tons during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (started March 20, 2017), Isa Golshahi, an official with the Iranian Fisheries Organization, said.

The country exported $72 million worth of shrimp to various countries in the period, Iran's local media quoted Golshahi as saying.

Meanwhile the country's overall shrimp export in the last fiscal year (ended March 2017) stood at 15,049, worth $70 million, he added.

Golshahi further said that the country plans to export 2,000 tons of shrimp during the current fiscal year (to end March 2018).

Iran's shrimp export in the fiscal year to March 2014 stood at 11,585 tons. The figure was 11,610 in the year to March 2015 and 12,830 tons in the 12-month period to March 2016.

European countries including France, Belgium and Germany are among the destinations of Iran's shrimp, Golshahi said.

Russia as well as south eastern Asia countries and the Persian Gulf states, in particular the UAE, are the main targets of Iran's shrimp exports.

Iran's shrimp farms are mainly located in southern Bushehr, Hormozgan, Khozestan provinces as well as northern Golestan province.

Iran's shrimp output is expected to reach 30,000 tons during the current fiscal year. The figure will be 43 percent more compared to 21,320 tons of shrimp farmed in Iran the last fiscal year.

The country's shrimp output was 12,698 tons in the fiscal year to March 2016, Golshahi said.

He added that Iran's overall fishery exports reached 82,451 tons, worth $283 million in the first nine months of the current fiscal year.

Iran's fishery exports in the last fiscal year (ended on March 20, 2017) accounted for $412 million. The country's fishery output also stood at 460,000 tons in the same period.

About 200,000 Iranians are active in about 70,000 aquaculture and fishing centers across Iran.

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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
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Date:Jan 29, 2018
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