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Ira C. Eaker award winners for the top Air & Space Power Journal articles of the past year.

First Place

Lt Col Christopher J. Niemi

"The F-22 Acquisition Program: Consequences for the US Air Force's Fighter Fleet"

(November-December 2012)

Second Place

Maj Jason R. Greenleaf

"The Air War in Libya"

(March-April 2013)

Third Place

Lt Col Peter Garretson

"A Range-Balanced Force: An Alternate Force Structure Adapted to New Defense Priorities"

(May-June 2013)

Congratulations to this year's winners! The award honors airpower pioneer Gen Ira C. Eaker and is made possible through the generous support of the Air University Foundation. If you would like to compete for the Ira C. Eaker Award, submit a feature-length article to Air and Space Power Journal via e-mail at All military personnel below the rank of colonel (O-6) or government civilian employees below GS-15 or equivalent are eligible. If ASPJ publishes your article, you will automatically be entered in the competition.

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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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