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Ipswitch Unveils WhatsUp Event Log Management 9.0.

New log management platform boosts enterprise security, regulatory compliance and forensics

LEXINGTON, Mass. -- Ipswitch Inc.'s Network Management Division, developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management solutions, today announced the availability of WhatsUp Event Log Management 9.0. This suite of event log products allows enterprises of all sizes to protect critical information and meet important security and regulatory compliance requirements. The modular set of applications in WhatsUp Event Log Management delivers a flexible, user-friendly format to simplify the challenges and complexity of log management.

With WhatsUp Event Log Management, customers can automatically collect, store, analyze, alert and report on both Windows Event and Syslog files for real-time security event detection and response, compliance assurance and forensics. With four modular applications that work together or independently, customers can build a custom solution to support their log management goals.

The four modules include:

* WhatsUp Event Archiver - to automate log collection, storing, archiving, backup and consolidation. It supports auditing, regulatory compliance and log forensics activities.

* WhatsUp Event Analyst - to analyze and report on log data and trends. It automatically distributes reports to management, security officers, auditors and other key stakeholders.

* WhatsUp Event Alarm - to monitor log files and receive real-time alerts and notifications. It allows IT managers to quickly react and initiate rapid response to network outages or security threats.

* WhatsUp Event Rover - a single console to view and mine all log data across servers and workstations. It supports "on the fly" reviewing and forensic analysis of high-volume log data.

The cost of security breaches can be extremely high for organizations all over the world. Event log management solutions allow enterprises to protect key information and reduce exposure to intruders, malware, loss or damage through their ability to monitor, audit and report on key areas such as file access, unauthorized activity by users, policy changes or Windows and SSH login failures and successes.

In addition, log data needs to be collected, stored, analyzed and monitored to meet and report on regulatory compliance standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States, or for European standards such as the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) or Basel II. Log Management will ensure operational transparency, and can help protect an organization against civil penalties or legal liabilities from failure to comply with domestic or international regulations.

"The protection of confidential information, such as credit card data, patient records, employee files and financial records, are extremely important to enterprises as more information is moved to the network," said Kevin Gillis, vice president of product management at Ipswitch. "Event log management is an important tool in securing network-based information and ensuring regulatory compliance, but it is a difficult task because log files come in high volumes, and come from many different sources and in many formats. WhatsUp Event Log Management can simplify and automate log management tasks to help enterprises enhance their security and compliance."

The WhatsUp Event Log Management suite, which includes WhatsUp Event Archiver, Event Analyst, Event Alarm and Event Rover, is available now, with pricing starting at $995.00 for a 5 workstation license and $1,595.00 for a 5 server license. For more information, visit

About the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. is the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software. WhatsUp Gold delivers comprehensive network, system, application and event log monitoring and management solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Built on a modular, yet integrated architecture, the affordable and easy-to-use solutions scale with the size and complexity of any physical or virtual IT infrastructure. From a single console, WhatsUp Gold supports standard IT management tasks including automated discovery, mapping, real-time monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting. More than 100,000 networks worldwide use WhatsUp Gold solutions to assure the availability, health and security of their critical business infrastucture today.

WhatsUp Gold was named Network Management Product of 2010 by Network Computing Magazine and earned the Network Products Guide 2010 Product Innovation Awardin Network Management. To learn more about WhatsUp Gold - the best value in IT Management software, download a free trial or to make a purchase, please visit:

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Date:Nov 16, 2010
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