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Iowa network services case study: kiesling associates.

So when one of their largest clients demonstrated the same business values and service models, Kiesling Associates moved their Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to Iowa Network Services (INS).They knew that working with another local, customer-focused company would help them streamline their connectivity needs.

Client Challenge

While their previous MPLS system was sufficient, one of the Kiesling Associates' locations was not configured as optimally as the others, affecting call quality and data transmissions. Another driving factor was ensuring that they were receiving superior voice and data services at a reasonable price.

INS Solution

Kiesling Associates' single point of contact--their INS Account Manager--set everything in motion, beginning with a full audit of Kiesling Associates' communications frame-work.The dedicated team of experts at INS reviewed the entire system--from network configurations and equipment to physical locations and billing--ensuring all opportunities and issues were identified.

The analysis of Kiesling Associates' network identified the need for some additional bandwidth to resolve the quality and data transmission issues initially discovered. Plus, the extra bandwidth ensured continued superior performance at all five of their locations.

Additionally, the billing analysis identified several services Kiesling Associates was paying for, yet not using. By customizing an MPLS solution for Kiesling Associates, wasteful spending was eliminated and the value of the service increased.

INS' standard MPLS services also added value to the Kiesling Associates plan, offering a more robust solution:

* INS Engineers designed a custom solution.

* INS Network Operations built, tested and turned up the solution.

* INS Network Operations continues to monitor and maintain Kiesling Associates' service.

* INS'"one call does it all" simplifies and streamlines processes.

Why INS?

Kiesling has a strong relationship with INS, and it was a great benefit to them to keep their services with a local provider."INS' personal, one-on-one dedication to our success is equally important as the service provided," stated Micah Cope, Kiesling network administrator."The one time I had to contact them regarding a concern, the support personnel were great and the issue was resolved in a timely manner."

The transition allowed Kiesling to continue to control how data flowed through their business.This was another significant factor in their decision to migrate to INS. Additionally, through their partnership with INS, Kiesling is able to better control their private network and the data distribution. With the one call system and INS monitoring, the two companies can quickly and easily collaborate to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Results and Benefits

Kiesling saw immediate results and benefits from implementing the INS MPLS ser-vice."The MPLS provides a fast and highly functioning option for network traffic," said Cope."Most importantly, it has allowed us to isolate traffic that was a higher priority."

Additionally, INS eliminated the unwanted and unused services, streamlining Kiesling Associates' processes and removing unnecessary billing charges. Most importantly, a great relationship between two companies became even stronger.

About MPLS

MPLS is a modern implementation of a packet switching network, capable of carrying a mix of voice, video and data traffic. An MPLS network can take the place of your current telecommunications and information technology infrastructure, resulting in less overhead, simpler administration and improved performance.

In an MPLS network, each packet of data carries a label.The network routes the data based upon the label instead of having to read the entire packet. MPLS service puts your network in the cloud. It's a fast, flexible way to configure a network.

As business networks increasingly carry converged traffic (VolP, video, data), MPLS has emerged as the most efficient way to meet the special delivery needs of each type of data. Using state-of-the-art monitoring, your data is managed and routed through the INS Network.

The MPLS technology is transport agnostic, so you can seamlessly join together locations using network transport protocols such as time division multiplexing (TDM) circuits, frame relay, Ethernet or broadband access.The MPLS service uses a mesh topology, passing data from one node to another en route to its destination. If there is an INS Network interruption, our self-healing network will reroute your data.

The INS MPLS solution saves time and improves efficiency through network oversight and management:

* Single source for acquisition of necessary connectivity.

* Support oversight for entire solution--no need to call the DSL provider in one town and the T-1 provider in the other.

We manage everything--from start to finish, and for all providers.This means you have only one call to make for services and will receive only one bill.

Quality of Service (QoS) management gives you the tools to leverage your network, You decide which traffic is most important and needs to go fastest.With INS' QoS, you choose four levels of priority. You can assign traffic by:

* Source or destination IP

* Source or destination protocol port

* Protocol

You may assign bandwidth as a percentage, or on an absolute level.

Lastly, an MPLS solution provides mobility and connectivity from multiple locations. Off-site workers and satellite branches can seamlessly join your MPLS network through a Web-based Virtual Private Network. INS MPLS Remote Worker Access travels with your employees so they can use it from their home or on the road since authentication and installation of the private connectivity is initiated through the Web.

For more information about MPLS solutions and Iowa Network Services, visit or call 800-CALL-INS.

Relationships are the most important element of doing business at Kiesling Associates. It's their personal commitments, responsiveness and local service that allow them to provide timely, quality services that exceed the expectations of their customers.
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