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Effects of Ionizing Radiation. Prem, Kumar Alan Jul 1, 2021 844
Influence of the Herbal Preparation "Licorice Oil" on the State of Hematopoiesis in Rats Under Ionizing Irradiation. Iztleuov, Marat; Teleuov, Murat; Iztleuov, Yerbolat; Saparbaev, Samat; Yelubayeva, Alma; Yemzharova, Report Jun 1, 2021 6464
Draft Decree No 2.20.131 on Ionizing Radiation Activities, Positive Start for Upgrading Regulatory Framework - AMSSNur. Feb 18, 2021 261
Corrigendum to "The Protective Effect of N-Acetylcysteine on Ionizing Radiation Induced Ovarian Failure and Loss of Ovarian Reserve in Female Mouse". Gao, Wei; Liang, Jin-Xiao; Ma, Chi; Dong, Jing-yin; Yan, Qiu Correction notice Jan 1, 2021 210
Protection Against Ionizing Radiation-Induced Normal Tissue Damage by Resveratrol: A Systematic Review. Agbele, Alaba Tolulope; Fasoro, Olatunji Jimoh; Fabamise, Olufemi Moses; Oluyide, Oluwabusayo Odunol Report Oct 1, 2020 5620
UAE TRA allocates new frequencies for 5G networks. Sep 15, 2020 571
Researchers analyze chromosomes for radiation safety nuke emergencies. Sep 13, 2020 589
Blood samples of workers exposed to radiation studied. Sep 9, 2020 482
75 Years After The Most Horrible Human Disaster. Aug 31, 2020 596
Hairy Tongue--A Series of 4 Cases. Rajarammohan, Karthik; Narayanan, Mohan; Ravikumar, P.T.; Fenn, Saramma Mathew; Gokulraj, Sabitha Aug 31, 2020 2952
DOST backs call to revisit nuclear energy policy. Aug 12, 2020 703
Medical Planning and Care in Radiation Accidents. Ince, Semra; Arslan, Nuri Aug 7, 2020 2114
No Reason to Blush: With or without merit, false-labeling lawsuits are expensive to defend against. Here's a review of the top labeling class action trends faced by beauty companies. Meyer, Abby Aug 1, 2020 2050
Humanetics Receives Funding from NIAID to Test Drug in COVID-19 Patients. Jul 23, 2020 579
Cyprus takes step closer to 5G rollout. fm Jul 14, 2020 559
All You Need to Know about 5G by NCC. Jul 10, 2020 1453
Doc, what causes cancer? Jul 5, 2020 586
Goodbye 'whitening,' hello social impact: L'Oreal bares new eco labeling system. Jul 1, 2020 522
Radiological approach to COVID-19 pneumonia with an emphasis on chest CT. Guneyli, Serkan; Atceken, Zeynep; Dogan, Hakan; Altinmakas, Emre; Atasoy, Kayhan Cetin Jul 1, 2020 6280
Psychiatric manifestations of sport-related concussion: Careful diagnosis and management can help avoid unnecessary treatment or restrictions. Reardon, Claudia L. Cover story Jul 1, 2020 3782
Solely MRI-Guided Cardiac Catheterization for Assessment of Pulmonary Hypertension in a Pregnant Lady with Undiagnosed Congenital Heart Disease. Tzifa, Aphrodite; Polymerou, Ioannis; Loggitsi, Dimitra Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 2609
Localized Chronic Form of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in the Femur of a 16-Year-Old Male Successfully Treated with Radiofrequency Ablation. Papavasiliou, Kyriakos; Bintoudi, Antonia; Vlahodimos, Apostolos; Tsiridis, Eleftherios; Hytiroglou, Jun 30, 2020 2848
HMGN5 Silencing Suppresses Cell Biological Progression via AKT/MAPK Pathway in Human Glioblastoma Cells. Ma, Quanfeng; Wang, Xiuyu; Wang, Hong; Song, Wen; Wang, Qiong; Wang, Jinhuan Jun 30, 2020 4524
Midgut Volvulus: A Rare but Fatal Cause of Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy--How Can We Diagnose and Prevent Mortality? Chong, Eelyn; Liu, David S.; Strugnell, Neil; Rajagopal, Vishnupriya; Mori, Krinal K. Jun 30, 2020 3269
Ultrasound-Guided Selective Nerve Root Block versus Fluoroscopy-Guided Interlaminar Epidural Block versus Fluoroscopy-Guided Transforaminal Epidural Block for the Treatment of Radicular Pain in the Lower Cervical Spine: A Retrospective Comparative Study. Jang, Jin Hyuk; Lee, Woo Yong; Kim, Jong woo; Cho, Kyoung Rai; Nam, Sang Hyun; Park, YongBum Jun 30, 2020 7249
Unruptured Multiple Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysms. Omeh, Demian J.; Makaryus, Amgad N. Jun 30, 2020 2261
Limitations of Systemic Oncological Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Bednarek, Anna; Mykala-Ciesla, Joanna; Pogoda, Katarzyna; Jagiello-Gruszfeld, Agnieszka; Kunkiel, Mi Jun 30, 2020 8748
miR-6869-5p Inhibits Glioma Cell Proliferation and Invasion via Targeting PGK1. Wang, Fakai; Zhang, Huanjun; Liu, Bing; Liu, Wei; Zhang, Zengchao Jun 30, 2020 3629
Quantitative Assessment of Salivary Gland Parenchymal Vascularization Using Power Doppler Ultrasound and Superb Microvascular Imaging: A Potential Tool in the Diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome. Ustabasioglu, Fethi Emre; Korkmaz, Selcuk; Ilgen, Ufuk; Solak, Serdar; Kula, Osman; Turan, Sezin; Em Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3482
Ministry: 5G technology not to be applied in Azerbaijan. Jun 28, 2020 175
Doc, what causes cancer? Jun 28, 2020 700
Ministry: 5G technology not to be applied in Azerbaijan. Jun 28, 2020 178
WATCH / Globe debunks 5G myths based on experts' opinions and studies. Jun 12, 2020 698
Globe debunks 5G myths based on experts' opinions and studies. Jun 11, 2020 626
Globe debunks 5G myths based on experts' opinions and studies. Jun 10, 2020 558
Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in evaluation of obstructive jaundice with MRCP as gold standard. Hina Hanif, Sohail Ahmed Khan, Sobia Muneer and Syed Omair Adil Jun 10, 2020 3042
ALTON Blames Negative Power of Social Media, Uninformed Persons for 5G Coronavirus Link. Jun 9, 2020 632
5G Coronavirus Link: ALTON Blames Negative Power Of Social Media, Ill-Informed Persons. Jun 9, 2020 637
AMSSNur: Morocco Member of IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards Commission. Jun 8, 2020 246
Polarean Imaging on track to submit application for lung function scanner. Jun 3, 2020 564
Do X-Ray Inspection and Radiation Dose Damage Components? Down the radiation rabbit hole! Bernard, David Jun 1, 2020 2657
Guide for Nuclear Medicine Applications During the COVID-19 Outbreak/COVID-19 Salgini Sirasinda Nukleer Tip Uygulamalari Icin Kilavuz. Ayan, Asli; Kirac, F. Suna Jun 1, 2020 5812
Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Contrast Agents for Assessment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Systematic Review. Luo, Yifan; Gao, Chen; Chen, Wujie; Zhou, Kefeng; Xu, Maosheng May 31, 2020 5948
Biochemistry, Safety, Pharmacological Activities, and Clinical Applications of Turmeric: A Mechanistic Review. Ahmad, Rabia Shabir; Hussain, Muhammad Bilal; Sultan, Muhammad Tauseef; Arshad, Muhammad Sajid; Wahe May 31, 2020 10979
Management of Lateral Epicondylitis: A Narrative Literature Review. Ma, Kun-Long; Wang, Hai-Qiang May 31, 2020 7640
Rolling in the Deep: Imaging Findings and Diagnostic Pearls in Gallstone Ileus. Aldo, Carnevale; Lorenzo, Motta; Olgerta, Labaj; Alberto, Cossu; Licia, Uccelli; Melchiore, Giganti May 31, 2020 5175
A Novel Radial Basis Neural Network-Leveraged Fast Training Method for Identifying Organs in MR Images. Xu, Min; Qian, Pengjiang; Zheng, Jiamin; Ge, Hongwei; Muzic, Raymond F., Jr. May 31, 2020 5483
Assessment of Changes in Concentration of Total Antioxidant Status, Acute-Phase Protein, and Prolactin in Patients with Osteoarthritis Subjected to a Complex Spa Treatment with Radon Water: Preliminary Results. Kuciel-Lewandowska, Jadwiga; Kasperczak, Michal; Pawlik-Sobecka, Lilla; Paprocka-Borowicz, Malgorzat May 31, 2020 5755
Firm moves to reassure residents over 5G fears; COMMUNICATION. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON May 29, 2020 278
Discordant Tunes Leave 5G Reality In Limbo. May 17, 2020 1577
Adopt 5G tech now for speedy industrialisation, experts urge FG. May 16, 2020 878
NIEEE Says 5G Can Never Pose Hazards to Human Health. May 14, 2020 911
Kenyan experts discuss 5G myths, realities and opportunities. May 5, 2020 804
COVID-19 Diagnostic Imaging Recommendations. Czawlytko, Cynthia; Hossain, Rydhwana; White, Charles S. May 1, 2020 3210
Iskratel and Telekom Slovenije test their 5G Campus Network. May 1, 2020 412
Differential expression of DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit in the brain of neonatal mice and young adult mice. Okawa, Aoi; Morioka, Takamitsu; Imaoka, Tatsuhiko; Kakinuma, Shizuko; Matsumoto, Yoshihisa Report May 1, 2020 5473
Benign focal liver lesions masquerading as primary liver cancers on MRI. Subramanian, Manickam; Low, Hsien Min; Kim, Myeong-Jin; Tan, Cher Heng May 1, 2020 4251
The role of MRI in the diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer. Zhang, Yingjing; Yu, Jianchun May 1, 2020 5626
MRI in pregnant patients with suspected abdominal and pelvic cancer: a practical guide for radiologists. Gui, Benedetta; Cambi, Francesco; Micco, Maura; Sbarra, Martina; Petta, Federica; Autorino, Rosa; Vi May 1, 2020 7016
Too Much To Swallow: Imaging to Detect Contraband in the Gastrointestinal Tract. Solomon, Nadia; Singh Tuli, Sandeep May 1, 2020 1335
Magnetic Resonance Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Cartoon, Texture, and Residual Parts. Zeng, Yanqiu; Zhang, Baocan; Zhao, Wei; Xiao, Shixiao; Zhang, Guokai; Ren, Haiping; Zhao, Wenbing; P Apr 30, 2020 4939
Assessment of Lumbar Lordosis Distribution with a Novel Mathematical Approach and Its Adaptation for Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration. Sandor, Zoltan; Rathonyi, Gabor Kristof; Dinya, Elek Apr 30, 2020 6480
Space Radiation Biology for "Living in Space". Furukawa, Satoshi; Nagamatsu, Aiko; Nenoi, Mitsuru; Fujimori, Akira; Kakinuma, Shizuko; Katsube, Tak Apr 30, 2020 22254
Superoxide Dismutase Mimic, MnTE-2-PyP Enhances Rectal Anastomotic Strength in Rats after Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy. Yang, Yu; Wang, Qi; Luo, Jiajun; Jiang, Yue; Zhou, Rui; Tong, Shilun; Wang, Zhihua; Tong, Qiang Apr 30, 2020 6113
Potential Protective and Therapeutic Roles of the Nrf2 Pathway in Ocular Diseases: An Update. Wang, Ming-Xuan; Zhao, Jing; Zhang, Hong; Li, Ke; Niu, Ling-Zhi; Wang, Yuan-Ping; Zheng, Ya-Juan Apr 30, 2020 15925
A Rare Case of Nonsyndromic Generalized Radiculomegaly with a Literature Review. Obaida, Mohammad Al- Apr 30, 2020 3174
Magnetic Resonance Enterography and Capsule Endoscopy in Patients Undergoing Patency Capsule for the Evaluation of Small Bowel Crohn's Disease: A Korean Clinical Experience. Lee, Hyun Seok; Lim, Yun Jeong; Jung, Jin-Hee; Nam, Ji Hyung; Park, Junseok; Kang, Sun Hyung; Kim, K Apr 30, 2020 5783
ALTON Dismisses Fears of Hazards Linked to Telecoms' Emissions. Apr 17, 2020 652
ALTON Reassures on Safety of Telecom Towers on Public Health. Apr 13, 2020 566
Tech Journalists Floor 5G Conspiracy Theory. Apr 13, 2020 1184
Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS 'Stupidity' of blaming 5G for coronavirus; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Apr 10, 2020 1163
5G: The Conspiracy Theories And The Facts. Apr 10, 2020 1134
NCC Clarifies 5G Technology, Dismisses Link to COVID-19. Apr 6, 2020 994
Renal Volume in ADPKD Patient Evaluation. Galliani, M.; Vitaliano, E.; Chicca, S.; Calvaruso, L.; Lullo, L. Di; Iorio, F.; Tosti, M.E.; Paone, Mar 31, 2020 2794
The Novel Role of Healing from Bacterial Infections of Lower Limb Open Fractures by X-Ray Exposure. Mahdi, Ali A.; Al-Salmani, Tuqa S.; Al-Qaisi, Mustafa M. Mar 31, 2020 5075
Hybrid ARIMA and Neural Network Modelling Applied to Telecommunications in Urban Environments in the Amazon Region. Lopes, Ramz L. Fraiha; Fraiha, Simone G.C.; Lima, Vinicius D.; Gomes, Herminio S.; Cavalcante, Gerva Mar 31, 2020 7055
Carboxymethylated Sulfated Heteroexopolysaccharide from a Haloarchaeal Strain as Potential Biomolecule for Harmless Adjuvant Therapy in Cancer Treatment. Chouchane, Habib; Najjari, Afef; Cherif, Hanene; Neifar, Mohamed; Sghaier, Haitham; Ouzari, Hadda Im Mar 31, 2020 8692
Bone Infarct as an Indicator of Acute Spinal Ischaemia. Lopez-Vinas, Laura; Quinones-Coneo, Kary Leonisa; Buenache-Espartosa, Raquel; Martinez-San-Millan, J Mar 31, 2020 1347
Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Transfusion Dependence Treated with Venetoclax. Jehangir, Waqas; Karabachev, Alexander; Jahangir, Taimoor; Umyarova, Elvira Mar 31, 2020 2201
Heterotopic Ossification following Total Elbow Arthroplasty in a Patient with Parkinson's Disease: Case Report and Literature Review. Shah, Ajay; Uy, Michael; Yan, James R.; Khan, Moin; Alolabi, Bashar Mar 31, 2020 3253
An Argument against Satellite Resiliency: Simplicity in the Face of Modern Satellite Design. Linville, Dax; Bettinger, Robert A. Mar 22, 2020 4140
Contrast-to-noise ratios of different dental restorative materials: An in-vitro cone beam computed tomography study. Bayrak, Seval; Kursun-Cakmak, Emine Sebnem; Kamalak, Hakan Report Mar 12, 2020 3247
AgraFlora subsidiary Farmako submits application for EU-GMP certification and import license to German authorities. Mar 12, 2020 631
Cumulative effective dose caused by diagnostic imaging and its associated risk for cancer development in trauma patients referred to the emergency department. Aliasgharzadeh, Akbar; Mohseni, Mehran; Salimian, Morteza; Farhood, Bagher; Najafi, Masoud; Safari, Mar 1, 2020 4444
Double extremes of brain tumors - Dilemma of decision-making and pitfalls of image: A case report and literature review. Hong, Kun-Ting; Wan, Yi; Tang, Chi-Tun Mar 1, 2020 2185
Coatings and Radiation. Schoff, Clifford K. Mar 1, 2020 900
Probabilistic Learning Coherent Point Drift for 3D Ultrasound Fetal Head Registration. Perez-Gonzalez, Jorge; Cosio, Fernando Arambula; Huegel, Joel C.; Medina-Banuelos, Veronica Mar 1, 2020 8649
Both a biopsy method and a therapeutic procedure in BI-RADS 4A and 4B lesions: Ultrasound-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy. Elibol, Funda Dinc; Dere, Yelda; Belli, Ahmet Korkut; Elibol, Cenk; Dere, Ozcan; Nazli, Okay Mar 1, 2020 4880
Diagnostic performance of waist-to-height ratio in identifying cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic syndrome among adult Saudis: A cross-sectional study. Alzeidan, Rasmieh; Fayed, Amel; Rabiee, Fatemeh; Hersi, Ahmad; Elmorshedy, Hala Report Mar 1, 2020 5483
Role of Oxycodone Hydrochloride in Treating Radiotherapy-Related Pain. Wang, Yinxia; Xing, Ligang Mar 1, 2020 5660
Optimization of Pediatric CT Brain Protocol to Achieve Reduced Patient Dose. Karappara, Julnar; Koteshwar, Prakashini; Panakkal, Nitika C.; Sukumar, Suresh Report Mar 1, 2020 3279
Localization of Parathyroid Disease in Reoperative Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Parikh, Aaroh M.; Grogan, Raymon H.; Moron, Fanny E. Mar 1, 2020 9724
Corrigendum to "Applications of Dendrimers in Drug Delivery Agents, Diagnosis, Therapy, and Detection". Noriega-Luna, B.; Godinez, Luis A.; Rodriguez, F.J.; Rodriguez, A.; Larrea, G. Zaldivar-Lelo de; Sos Correction notice Mar 1, 2020 8872
Layered Foams. Corneliussen, Roger Mar 1, 2020 188
Polarean Imaging on track to submit application for lung function scanner. Feb 29, 2020 539
AgraFlora subsidiary Farmako GmbH wins special license to sell irradiated medical cannabis. Feb 19, 2020 682
NA Proactive news snapshot: Blackrock, Zinc8, Duos, Silvercorp, Co-Diagnostics, Exactus UPDATE. Feb 19, 2020 2190
A New Cardiovascular Threat: Ionizing Radiation: It is wise to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure, in order to reduce risks of leukemia and other radiation-induced cancers. Halstead, Jean Feb 1, 2020 1961
Analysis of correlation between liver fat fraction and AST and ALT levels in overweight and obese children by using new magnetic resonance imaging technique. Pirimoglu, Berhan; Sade, Recep; Polat, Gokhan; Islek, Ali; Kantarci, Mecit Feb 1, 2020 4341
Analysis of correlation between liver fat fraction and AST and ALT levels in overweight and obese children by using new magnetic resonance imaging technique. Pirimoglu, Berhan; Sade, Recep; Polat, Gokhan; Islek, Ali; Kantarci, Mecit Feb 1, 2020 4095
Polarean Imaging scores phase III success. Jan 30, 2020 369
IAEA talks future projects in Uzbekistan. Jan 26, 2020 477
Imaging Innovations for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2019 - Advances in Digital Technologies Enabling Early & Accurate Disease Diagnosis in FemTech Industry. Jan 8, 2020 613
Antioxidants Help Protect the Brain, but Should Be Consumed in Moderation Only: while antioxidants can help prevent cell damage, in large doses they may actually be harmful. Jan 1, 2020 736
Simulation of Water Equivalency of Polymer Gel Dosimeters with GAMOS. Ozbay, Turkan; Yurt, Aysegul; Ozsoykal, Ismail Jan 1, 2020 4441
Bone Tunnel Management in Modern Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Wolfson, Theodore S.; Alaia, Michael J. Jan 1, 2020 7830
The effect of ionizing radiation on properties of fluoride-releasing restorative materials. Ugurlu, Muhittin; Ozkan, Emine Elif; Ozseven, Alper Jan 1, 2020 7047
Effects of Tomato Juice Intake on Salivary 8-Oxo-dG Levels as Oxidative Stress Biomarker after Extensive Physical Exercise. Khavari, Ali Pour; Haghdoost, Siamak Jan 1, 2020 4811
Determination of Lymphocyte Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Values in Apparently Healthy Children by means of Age and Sex. Durmaz, Burak; Taslidere, Hasan; Koturoglu, Guldane; Gunduz, Cumhur; Orman, Mehmet; Cogulu, Ozgur Jan 1, 2020 3189
Quantitative Evaluation of Peripheral Arterial Blood Flow Using Peri-Interventional Fluoroscopic Parameters: An In Vivo Study Evaluating Feasibility and Clinical Utility. Ghibes, Patrick; Hefferman, Gerald; Nikolaou, Konstantin; Syha, Roland; Artzner, Christoph; Grosse, Report Jan 1, 2020 5573
The Ubiquity of AI at RSNA 2019. Bryant, Mckenna; Massat, Mary Beth Jan 1, 2020 2765
History of Atmospheric Cosmic Ray Research at the National Bureau of Standards. Coursey, Bert M. Jan 1, 2020 5411
Unique Case Report of a Meningeal Sarcoma Arising during Ongoing Treatment for Progressing Intraparenchymal Glioma. Petersons, Richard A.; Kashyap, Bhavani; Pawloski, Pamala A.; Forsberg, Anna C.; Hanson, Leah R. Dec 31, 2019 4408
mTOR-Mediated Antioxidant Activation in Solid Tumor Radioresistance. Woo, Yunseo; Lee, Hyo-Ji; Jung, Young Mee; Jung, Yu-Jin Dec 31, 2019 8953
Medical Application of Hydrogen in Hematological Diseases. Qian, Liren; Wu, Zhengcheng; Cen, Jian; Pasca, Sergiu; Tomuleasa, Ciprian Dec 31, 2019 4147
Reactive Oxygen Species and Nrf2: Functional and Transcriptional Regulators of Hematopoiesis. Hu, Linping; Zhang, Yawen; Miao, Weimin; Cheng, Tao Dec 31, 2019 8737
Autophagy and Age-Related Eye Diseases. Yang, Xue; Pan, Xinan; Zhao, Xiaorui; Luo, Jin; Xu, Mingpu; Bai, Daoming; Hu, Yan; Liu, Xu; Yu, Qion Report Dec 31, 2019 9653
Accuracy of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Pneumothorax: A Comparison between Neonates and Adults--A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Dahmarde, Hamid; Parooie, Fateme; Salarzaei, Morteza Report Dec 31, 2019 7144
Diagnostic Accuracy of Low Radiation Dose Contrast Enhanced Abdominal CT in Acute Appendicitis. Rubeena Ali, Riffat Raja and Sadaf Arooj Dec 31, 2019 2561
Changes in the Management of Patients with Crohn's Disease Based on Magnetic Resonance Enterography Patterns. Chinem, Evelyn Sayuri S.; Esberard, Barbara C.; Moreira, Andre da L.; Barbassa, Tatiana G.; da Cunha Dec 31, 2019 7469
2019 Healthcare Research Review. Dec 3, 2019 1773
Technological Advances in Gastrointestinal Imaging and Diagnosis, 2019 Research Report. Report Dec 2, 2019 886
The Effect of the Ionizing Radiation on Hydroxyapatite-Polydimethylsiloxane Layers. Groza, Andreea; Iconaru, Simona Liliana; Jiga, Gabriel; Chapon, Patrick; Gaiaschi, Sofia; Verga, Nic Dec 1, 2019 4249
Effects of Gamma Sterilization on the Physicomechanical and Thermal Properties of Gelatin-Based Novel Hydrogels. Dey, Kamol; Agnelli, Silvia; Sartore, Luciana Dec 1, 2019 4716
Nitroxidized-Albumin Advanced Glycation End Product and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tarannum, Akhlas; Arif, Zarina; Alam, Khursheed; Ahmad, Shafeeque; Uddin, Moin Dec 1, 2019 8898
Assessment of BMD and Statistical Analysis for Osteoporosis Detection. Fathima, S.M. Nazia; Tamilselvi, R.; Beham, M. Parisa Report Dec 1, 2019 3120
Pseudopneumothorax: Emphysema Case Mimicking Pneumothorax. Sonmez, Leyla Ozturk; Evrin, Togay; Ayranci, Mustafa Kursat; Unluer, Erden Erol Dec 1, 2019 2207
Application of the Electret in Alpha Radiation Sensor to Measure the Concentration of Radon in Selected Ambient Conditions. Gubanski, Adam; Kupracz, Jan; Kostyla, Pawel; Kaczorowska, Dominika; Wrobel, Jerzy Nov 30, 2019 4984
Myocardial Infarction in Neonates: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge. Martinez, Manuel Rodriguez; Gonzalez, Eladio Ruiz; Parra-Llorca, Anna; Torres, Maximo Vento; Carrasc Nov 30, 2019 3021
Breast Cancer Identification via Thermography Image Segmentation with a Gradient Vector Flow and a Convolutional Neural Network. Tello-Mijares, Santiago; Woo, Fomuy; Flores, Francisco Nov 30, 2019 7765
Upper-Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis following a Fracture of the Proximal Humerus: An Orthopaedic Case Report. Strony, John; Chang, Gerard; Krieg, James C. Nov 30, 2019 2210
In Vivo MRI Tracking of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Labeled with Ultrasmall Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Particles after Intramyocardial Transplantation in Patients with Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease. Mathiasen, Anders Bruun; Qayyum, Abbas Ali; Jorgensen, Erik; Helqvist, Steffen; Ekblond, Annette; Ng Nov 30, 2019 5980
Cancer Stem Cells: Powerful Targets to Improve Current Anticancer Therapeutics. Bighetti-Trevisan, Rayana L.; Sousa, Lucas O.; Castilho, Rogerio M.; Almeida, Luciana O. Nov 30, 2019 12037
Radiation-Induced Normal Tissue Damage: Oxidative Stress and Epigenetic Mechanisms. Wei, Jinlong; Wang, Bin; Wang, Huanhuan; Meng, Lingbin; Zhao, Qin; Li, Xinyu; Xin, Ying; Jiang, Xin Nov 30, 2019 9105
Zerumbone Exhibits Antiphotoaging and Dermatoprotective Properties in Ultraviolet A-Irradiated Human Skin Fibroblast Cells via the Activation of Nrf2/ARE Defensive Pathway. Hseu, You-Cheng; Chang, Chih-Ting; Gowrisankar, Yugandhar Vudhya; Chen, Xuan- Zao; Lin, Hui-Chang; Y Nov 30, 2019 8790
Rising Geriatric Population Driving Portable Ultrasound Device Market. Nov 25, 2019 508
Tumor Tracking System Market Global Market 2019 By Top Key Players, Technology, Production Capacity, Ex-Factory Price, Revenue And Market Share Forecast Outlook 2024. Nov 22, 2019 1484
2-Day Course: Cleanroom, Microbiology & Sterility Assurance Practices for Drug & Device Manufacturers (Philadelphia, United States - December 5-6, 2019). Nov 21, 2019 1366
Global Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Market Trends & Analysis During the Forecast Period, 2019-2027. Nov 21, 2019 1048
Radiotherapy Market: Opportunities and Challenges. Nov 18, 2019 955
Woman who fears phone mast radiation is making her ill sleeps in foil covered tent; The 46-year-old woman said she has started sleeping under a space blanket and foil tent in her Leicester flat because of the EE and O2 phone masts above her flat. By, Amy Orton Nov 16, 2019 584
Air Sampler Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2024. Nov 13, 2019 724
Global X-Ray Devices And Equipment Market Report 2019: Market was Valued at Approx $11.4 Billion in 2018 and is Expected to Grow to $13.65 Billion Through 2022. Report Nov 8, 2019 844
Global Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners Devices and Equipment Market Report 2020: Major Players are GE Healthcare, Koninklijke Philips, Hitachi, Siemens and Canon Medical Systems. Report Nov 7, 2019 914
Nuclear Safety: Agency Charges Radiation Officers In Oil And Gas Sector On Compliance. Nov 5, 2019 479
Can zinc supplementation widen the gap between control and complications in head and neck cancer patients treated with concurrent chemo-radiotherapy. Khan, Mohsin; Siddiqui, Shahid; Akram, Mohd; Alam, Mohd Nov 1, 2019 2722
Tic Tac Toe: A new improvement of an old method of diagnosing intestinal problems has relied on a novel manufacturing process to produce a new kind of tracker bead. Nov 1, 2019 1264
Biological Effects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Testis Histology and Seminiferous Tubules Morphometry. Rostamzadeh, Ayoob; Anjamrooz, Seyed Hadi; Rezaie, Mohammad Jafar; Fathi, Fardin; Mohammadi, Mohsen Nov 1, 2019 5722
Patient Awake While Scanned: Program To Reduce the Need for Anesthesia In Pediatric MRI. Fraser, Camille; Gray, Sarah Beth; Boles, Jessika Nov 1, 2019 4560
A Monocentric Retrospective Study about the Correlation between Histology and Cytology of Thyroid Indeterminate Nodules Classified as TIR 3A and TIR 3B, according to 2014 Italian Consensus for Classification and Reporting of Thyroid Cytology. Quaglino, Francesco; Arnulfo, Giulia; Sandrucci, Sergio; Rossi, Claudio; Marchese, Valentina; Saracc Report Oct 31, 2019 3835
Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome Unveiling a Metastatic Parotid Carcinoma. Oliveira, Sofia Castro; Neves, Joao Sergio; Souteiro, Pedro; Belo, Sandra; Oliveira, Ana Isabel; Mor Oct 31, 2019 3814
A Case of Histiocytic Sarcoma Arising from Mycosis Fungoides. Burns, Ethan A.; Gentille, Cesar; Rasparian, Saro; Pingali, Sai Ravi Oct 31, 2019 3232
Global Radiotherapy, Radiopharmaceuticals and Nuclear Medicine Markets / 2017-2019 & 2023 Analyses & Forecasts. Oct 16, 2019 1379
2019 Radiation Shielding & Monitoring Report / Worldwide Technologies & Application Markets, 2017-2024. Report Oct 16, 2019 1666
Americas Gold Nanoparticles Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis, Industry Outlook, Key Futuristic Trends and Competitive Landscape 2023. Industry overview Oct 14, 2019 1342
ITM Inks Long-term Supply Agreements with Nordic Nanovector for No-carrier-added Lutetium-177. Oct 10, 2019 318
Malaysian Nuclear Agency to conduct comprehensive 5G tech study. Oct 2, 2019 258
Hypogammaglobulinemia: a diagnosis that must not be overlooked. Pimenta, F.M.C.A.; Palma, S.M.U.; Constantino-Silva, R.N.; Grumach, A.S. Oct 1, 2019 3545
Detection of Simulated Periapical Lesion in Intraoral Digital Radiography with Different Brightness and Contrast. Gaeta-Araujo, Hugo; Nascimento, Eduarda Helena Leandro; Brasil, Danieli Moura; Gomes, Amanda Farias; Oct 1, 2019 4311
AAD, NPF update use of phototherapy for psoriasis. Splete, Heidi Oct 1, 2019 1119
An Economic Analysis of the Systematic Use of Mapping Systems during Catheter Ablation Procedures: Single Center Experience. Marini, Massimiliano; Ravanelli, Daniele; Martin, Marta; Del Greco, Maurizio; Guarracini, Fabrizio; Sep 30, 2019 6143
Carvacrol and Thymol Modulate the Cross-Talk between TNF-[alpha] and IGF-1 Signaling in Radiotherapy-Induced Ovarian Failure. Mahran, Yasmen F.; Badr, Amira M.; Aldosari, Alhanouf; Bin-Zaid, Raghad; Alotaibi, Hind N. Sep 30, 2019 7097
Emerging Perspective: Role of Increased ROS and Redox Imbalance in Skin Carcinogenesis. Xian, Dehai; Lai, Rui; Song, Jing; Xiong, Xia; Zhong, Jianqiao Sep 30, 2019 8707
Elevated H2AX Phosphorylation Observed with kINPen Plasma Treatment Is Not Caused by ROS-Mediated DNA Damage but Is the Consequence of Apoptosis. Bekeschus, Sander; Schutz, Clarissa S.; Niessner, Felix; Wende, Kristian; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Ge Sep 30, 2019 9859
Oxidized Cell-Free DNA Is a Factor of Stress Signaling in Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects in Different Types of Human Cells. Konkova, Marina S.; Kaliyanov, Andrew A.; Sergeeva, Vasilina A.; Abramova, Margarita S.; Kostyuk, Sv Sep 30, 2019 5834
Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Human EA.hy926 Endothelial Cells under Inflammatory Conditions and Their Interactions with A549 Tumour Cells. Schroder, Sabine; Broese, Simone; Baake, Jana; Juerss, Dajana; Kriesen, Stephan; Hildebrandt, Guido; Sep 30, 2019 10274
Utilization of an Optimized Radiation Strategy in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Patients with ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Zhong, Xin; Gao, Wei; Huang, Dong; Ge, Lei; Qian, Juying; Ge, Junbo Sep 30, 2019 3271
St. Louis group pushes back over privacy and health concerns of the 5G industrial revolution. Corrigan, Don Sep 22, 2019 2671
Why we need to prepare for the 5G revolution. Nidhal Guessoum Sep 22, 2019 928
Sterilization Technology Market Key Players New Technology, Regional Size, Future Trends, Global Demand Analysis, Development Status and Professional Industry Outlook 2019 - 2023. Industry overview Sep 18, 2019 979
Sterilization Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019-2024. Sep 17, 2019 631
Atomic energy council boss admits radiation safety gaps. Sep 17, 2019 595
Radiation Nephropathy Treatment and Management Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies. Sep 16, 2019 1038
EAEA targets expansion in gamma irradiation sterilization technology. Sep 11, 2019 221
Global $1.2 Billion Optical Coherence Tomography Market Forecast to 2024. Sep 10, 2019 287
Global Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Market to 2027 by Indication, Therapy, Geography, Competitive Landscape. Sep 6, 2019 1060
UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation seeks public feedback on radiation safety regulatory guide. Sep 5, 2019 289
Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation seeks public feedback on radiation safety regulatory guide. Sep 4, 2019 326
ITM and DCB Sign Exclusive Licensing and Development Agreement for Solucin TRT in South Korea while COMPETE Clinical Trial Sees Strong Growth in Recruitment Numbers in the US. Sep 3, 2019 357
AAD, NPF update use of phototherapy for psoriasis. Splete, Heidi Sep 1, 2019 998
Adverse Effect of the Neuronal Cells and the Coronary Artery Endothelium in Extreme Environments--Roles of Advanced Molecular Imaging Markers. Saad, Fathinul Fikri Ahmad; Suppiah, Subapriya; Shaharudin, Shazreen Sep 1, 2019 4142
How best to address breast pain in nonbreastfeeding women: This guide--with accompanying algorithms--will help you to streamline your approach to breast pain in a patient who isn't breastfeeding. Lochner, Jennifer; Larson, Maggie; Torell, Emily; Sarina; Schrager Sep 1, 2019 4923
Imaging diffuse liver disease. Mathew, Rishi Philip; Venkatesh, Sudhakar K Sep 1, 2019 5040
OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO IONIZING RADIATION AND LENS OPACITY IN INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGISTS. Domienik-Andrzejewska, Joanna; Kaluzny, Pawel; Piernik, Gabriela; Jurewicz, Joanna Sep 1, 2019 6238
The ability of calcaneal and multisite quantitative ultrasound variables in the identification of osteoporosis in women and men. Oral, Aydan; Esmaeilzadeh, Sina; Yaliman, Ayse; Sindel, Dilsad; Koseoglu, Pinar Kursuz; Aydin, Tugba Sep 1, 2019 10993
Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy using intraoperative ultrasonographic localization for primary hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy: report of two cases. Haciyanh, Mehmet; Gur, Emine Ozlem; Gene, Hudai; Haciyanh, Selda Gucek; Tatar, Fatma; Acar, Turan; K Medical condition overview Sep 1, 2019 2275
Efficacy and safety of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in pregnancy: A high-volume study with long-term follow-up. Konduk, Bugra Tolga; Bayraktar, Onur Report Sep 1, 2019 3623
Efficacy and safety of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in pregnancy: A high-volume study with long-term follow-up. Konduk, Bugra Tolga; Bayraktar, Onur Report Sep 1, 2019 3596
The Fusion Oncogene FUS-CHOP Drives Sarcomagenesis of High-Grade Spindle Cell Sarcomas in Mice. Chen, Mark; Xu, Eric S.; Leisenring, Nathan H.; Cardona, Diana M.; Luo, Lixia; Ma, Yan; Ventura, And Aug 31, 2019 9426
NOCTURNIN Gene Diurnal Variation in Healthy Volunteers and Expression Levels in Shift Workers. Bracci, Massimo; Copertaro, Alfredo; Ciarapica, Veronica; Barbaresi, Mariella; Esposito, Stefano; Al Aug 31, 2019 6336
Prooxidative Activity of Celastrol Induces Apoptosis, DNA Damage, and Cell Cycle Arrest in Drug-Resistant Human Colon Cancer Cells. Moreira, Helena; Szyjka, Anna; Paliszkiewicz, Kamila; Barg, Ewa Aug 31, 2019 7384
Severe and Fatal Multilobar Nonclassic Radiation Pneumonitis following Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Treatment of Inoperable Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Report of Two Cases and Possible Enhancement by Concurrent Amiodarone. Georgiou, Anastasios; Farmer, Adam Aug 31, 2019 3413
Novel SUFU Frameshift Variant Leading to Meningioma in Three Generations in a Family with Gorlin Syndrome. Askaner, Gustav; Lei, Ulrikke; Bertelsen, Birgitte; Venzo, Alessandro; Wadt, Karin Aug 31, 2019 2824
Low-Dose Irradiation Differentially Impacts Macrophage Phenotype in Dependence of Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes and Radiation Dose. Deloch, Lisa; Fuchs, Jana; Ruckert, Michael; Fietkau, Rainer; Frey, Benjamin; Gaipl, Udo S. Aug 31, 2019 7367
Accumulation of Circulating Cell-Free CpG-Enriched Ribosomal DNA Fragments on the Background of High Endonuclease Activity of Blood Plasma in Schizophrenic Patients. Ershova, E.S.; Jestkova, E.M.; Martynov, A.V.; Shmarina, G.V.; Umriukhin, P.E.; Bravve, L.V.; Zakhar Aug 31, 2019 6346
Molecular and Clinical Insights into the Invasive Capacity of Glioblastoma Cells. Velasquez, Carlos; Mansouri, Sheila; Mora, Carla; Suppiah, Farshad; Nassiri, Suganth; Martino, Juan; Aug 31, 2019 13460
DNA Repair in Cancer. Kang, Zhihua; Yang, Qingyuan; Li, Yintao Aug 31, 2019 573
IGF-1R Inhibition Suppresses Cell Proliferation and Increases Radiosensitivity in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells. Wang, Zhe; Liu, Guangyan; Mao, Jiwei; Xie, Min; Zhao, Ming; Guo, Xuefen; Liang, Shanshan; Li, Heming Aug 31, 2019 5770
Dosimetry Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Aug 19, 2019 827
7 newly conferred, upgraded scientists take their oath. Aug 18, 2019 1016
Radiation Dose Management Market by Products & Services, Modality, and End User - Global Forecast to 2024. Aug 8, 2019 1066
Sterilization Technology Market Product Specification Using Innovative Technology, Key Findings, Quality Control and Growth Drivers By Regional Analysis on Risk Points Versus Increasing Demand. Aug 7, 2019 1319
Osteosarcoma: OSA is just one type of bone cancer, but it's the most common--and has a poor prognosis. Dobbins, Barbara Aug 1, 2019 2786
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Aug 1, 2019 2459
My Cancer Journey. Moss, Ralph W. Aug 1, 2019 2667
Multi-modal PET drives interdisciplinary preclinical imaging. Van Wyk, Sonica Aug 1, 2019 1584
Rationales for the Use of Cancer Stem Cells Markers in the Staging of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Mahmood, Noah Abd-Alkader; Tawfeeq, Amer Talib; Sudani, Israa Mhdi Al-; Abd-Alghni, Zaynab Saad Jul 31, 2019 5654
APEX1 Polymorphisms and Neuroblastoma Risk in Chinese Children: A Three-Center Case-Control Study. Liu, Jiabin; Jia, Wei; Hua, Rui-Xi; Zhu, Jinhong; Zhang, Jiao; Yang, Tianyou; Li, Peng; Xia, Huimin; Jul 31, 2019 6098
Deuterium Incorporation Protects Cells from Oxidative Damage. Sestili, Piero; Brigotti, Maurizio; Calcabrini, Cinzia; Turrini, Eleonora; Arfilli, Valentina; Carni Jul 31, 2019 8123
Identification of Pulse Onset on Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity Waveforms: A Comparative Study. Asgari, Shadnaz; Canac, Nicolas; Hamilton, Robert; Scalzo, Fabien Report Jul 31, 2019 6813
Label-Free Imaging of Blood Vessels in Human Normal Breast and Breast Tumor Tissue Using Multiphoton Microscopy. Xi, Gangqin; Cao, Ning; Guo, Wenhui; Kang, Deyong; Chen, Zhong; He, Jiajia; Ren, Wenjiao; Shen, Ting Jul 31, 2019 4426
Increasing Evidence for the Association of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and Li Fraumeni Syndrome. Adlard, Julian; Burton, Cathy; Turton, Philip Jul 31, 2019 2380
Cutaneous Basal Cell Carcinoma with Bone Metastases: An Orthopaedic Case Report. Fram, Brianna R.; Strony, John; Jagannathan, Geetha; Brown, Scot A. Jul 31, 2019 3203
Comment on "The Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to Promote Bone Responses to Biomaterials In Vitro and In Vivo". Ramirez-Vazquez, Raquel; Escobar, Isabel; Gonzalez-Rubio, Jesus; Arribas, Enrique Letter to the editor Jul 31, 2019 1611
Effect of Social Factors and the Natural Environment on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus. Dong, Guangtong; Qu, Lianlian; Gong, Xuefeng; Pang, Bing; Yan, Weitian; Wei, Junping Jul 31, 2019 5927
Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma: An Update on Imaging. Kushchayev, Sergiy V.; Kushchayeva, Yevgeniya S.; Tella, Sri Harsha; Glushko, Tetiana; Pacak, Karel; Jul 31, 2019 10426
Combining Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology for Improving Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer. Schillaci, Orazio; Scimeca, Manuel; Toschi, Nicola; Bonfiglio, Rita; Urbano, Nicoletta; Bonanno, Ele Jul 31, 2019 7367
C-Rad announces confirmation by the Stockholm Patent and Market court of its entitlement under dispute over Beamocular patent. Jul 29, 2019 324
C-Rad announces confirmation by the Stockholm Patent and Market court of its entitlement under dispute over Beamocular patent. Jul 29, 2019 325
The Influence of Piperine on the Radioprotective Effect of Curcumin in Irradiated Human Lymphocytes/Piperinin Isinlanmis Insan Lenfositlerinde Kurkuminin Radyoprotektif Etkilerine Etkisi. Ghelishli, Noora; Ghasemi, Arash; Hosseinimehr, Seyed Jalal Jul 25, 2019 3780
Increase in Rates of Medical Imaging in Pregnancy in U.S., Canada; Increases in the United States and Ontario, Canada, in CT rates, MRI rates, radiography rates. Medical condition overview Jul 25, 2019 294
Pregnant Women Exposed to More Risky CT Scans. Jul 24, 2019 473
FUNCTIONAL CO-RELATION BETWEEN OPERATED CASES OF ANORECTAL MALFORMATION AND POST-OPERATIVE PELVIC MRI. Mohanty, Pramod Kumar; Parida, Priyabrata; Mohanty, Hiranya Kishor; Jena, Pradeep Kumar; Tripathy, P Jul 8, 2019 3422
After Human Rights, Animal Rights Are Also Gaining Strength. Jul 3, 2019 897
Space Station Mold Survives High Radiation. Jul 2, 2019 649
SPECIAL FEATURES OF OPERATION OF THE HIGH-TEMPERATURE FILTER OF THE NWT-1. Kovalchuk, V.; Kozlov, I.; Dorozh, O.; Usova, T. Jul 1, 2019 2619
Extraneural Metastasis of Primary Glioma Occurring in a Setting of Occupational Ionizing Radiation Exposure. Prabhakaran, Nitya; Miller, Douglas C.; Litofsky, N. Scott; Frazier, Shellaine R. Jun 30, 2019 3744
Labeling Stem Cells with a New Hybrid Bismuth/Carbon Nanotube Contrast Agent for X-Ray Imaging. Hernandez-Rivera, Mayra; Cho, Stephen Y.; Moghaddam, Sakineh E.; Cheong, Benjamin Y.; Cabreira-Hanse Jun 30, 2019 8267
Effects of Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on High-Altitude Stress Ulcer Healing in Rats. Jiao, Mingke; Yin, Hong; Hu, Jie; Xu, Wenjuan; Zhang, Xiao; Zhang, Peng Jun 30, 2019 5121
TLR4 Agonist Monophosphoryl Lipid A Alleviated Radiation-Induced Intestinal Injury. Guo, Jiaming; Liu, Zhe; Zhang, Danfeng; Chen, Yuanyuan; Qin, Hongran; Liu, Tingting; Liu, Cong; Cui, Jun 30, 2019 4556
Diagnostic accuracy of Saline Infusion sonohystero-salpingography (SIS) as compared to Hystero-salpingography (HSG) in the assessment of sub-fertile women. Report Jun 30, 2019 3585
5G is here: Should we worry about radiation? Jun 22, 2019 808
IS WI-FI A HEALTH THREAT IN SCHOOLS? Sorting fact from fiction. Foster, Kenneth R. Jun 20, 2019 4463
5G radiation in Bahrain below international limits: TRA. Jun 19, 2019 316
5G radiation below 1% of permitted internationally: TRA. Jun 19, 2019 447
Nuclear power: Scary but not dangerous. Lightfoot, Steven Jun 19, 2019 1933
Patients stranded after closure of Masaka Hospital X- ray section. Jun 19, 2019 506
EMRC issues instructions on transporting radioactive materials. Jun 15, 2019 203
UN scientific cmte concludes session in Vienna. Jun 14, 2019 324
Protecting Against High-Dose Radiation Damage. Jun 3, 2019 1057
How safe are 5G signals? Hockett, Mike Jun 1, 2019 659
Physiotherapy in women after breast cancer treatment--review. Skutnik, K.; Ustymowicz, W.; Zubrewicz, K.; Zinczuk, J.; Kaminska, D.; Pryczynicz, A. Jun 1, 2019 4393
Care Points: Speed, convenience, and cost are driving innovation in the global point-of-care market. Barbella, Michael Jun 1, 2019 3223
Can mean platelet volume, Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte, Lymphocyte-to-Monocyte, Platelet-to-Lymphocyte ratios be favourable predictors for the differential diagnosis of appendicitis? Report May 31, 2019 3335
ROS-Mediated Cancer Cell Killing through Dietary Phytochemicals. NavaneethaKrishnan, Saranya; Rosales, Jesusa L.; Lee, Ki-Young May 31, 2019 11731
A Noninvasive 3D Body Scanner and Software Tool towards Analysis of Scoliosis. Roy, Susmita; Grunwald, Alexander T.D.; Alves-Pinto, Ana; Maier, Robert; Cremers, Daniel; Pfeiffer, May 31, 2019 9149
Erjingwan Extracts Exert Antiaging Effects of Skin through Activating Nrf2 and Inhibiting NF-[kappa]B. Zhong, Hairong; Hong, Choyoung; Han, Zhouxin; Hwang, Seung Jin; Kim, Byunghyun; Xu, Zihang; Lee, Jun May 31, 2019 7231
State-of-the-Art Preclinical Photoacoustic Imaging in Oncology: Recent Advances in Cancer Theranostics. Gargiulo, Sara; Albanese, Sandra; Mancini, Marcello May 31, 2019 20364
Conformational Distortions of the Red Blood Cell Spectrin Matrix Nanostructure in Response to Temperature Changes In Vitro. Kozlova, Elena; Chernysh, Aleksandr; Sergunova, Viktoria; Manchenko, Ekaterina; Moroz, Viktor; Kozlo May 31, 2019 6245
Dodging cancer. May 12, 2019 748
How Ancient Galaxies Lit Up the Universe. May 11, 2019 1064
Prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation could increase the risk of hypertension. May 5, 2019 663
Morris Animal Foundation Receives $250K for Pet Cancer Research. May 2, 2019 615
Role of Cancer Stem Cell, Apoptotic Factor, DNA Repair, and Telomerase Toward Radiation Therapy Response in Stage IIIB Cervical Cancer. Rachmadi, Lisnawati; Siregar, Nurjati Chairani; Kanoko, Mpu; Andrijono, Andrijono; Bardosono, Saptaw Report May 1, 2019 3569
Ultra-low dose contrast CT pulmonary angiography in oncology patients using a high-pitch helical dual-source technology. Rajiah, Prabhakar; Ciancibello, Leslie; Novak, Ronald; Sposato, Jennifer; Landeras, Luis; Gilkeson, May 1, 2019 6278
Multidetector CT appearance of the pelvis after vaginal delivery: normal appearances and abnormal acute findings. Gui, Benedetta; Corvino, Miriam; Grimaldi, Pier Paolo; Russo, Luca; Marco, Margo Di; Valentini, Anna Medical condition overview May 1, 2019 4999
Care and Use of Lead Apparel: Dental professionals utilizing lead apparel in their daily practice should be equipped with knowledge of its proper care and use. Cook, Joy A.; Schmuck, Heather; Hollingsworth, Angela May 1, 2019 1291
Neuroimaging of pediatric abusive head trauma. Rolfes, Mary; Guerin, Julie; Brucker, Justin; Kalina, Peter May 1, 2019 4874
Rational use of Computed Tomography Scan head in the Emergency Department of a high volume tertiary care public sector hospital. Apr 30, 2019 2299
Cancer Stem Cells from Tumor Cell Lines Activate the DNA Damage Response Pathway after Ionizing Radiation More Efficiently Than Noncancer Stem Cells. Valencia-Gonzalez, Heriberto Abraham; Ruiz, Graciela; Ortiz-Sanchez, Elizabeth; Garcia-Carranca, Ale Apr 30, 2019 6632
Light Sum Accumulation in ZnSe Crystals at X-Ray Excitation. Degoda, V.Ya.; Podust, G.P.; Alizadeh, M. Apr 30, 2019 5601
Bioremoval of Cobalt(II) from Aqueous Solution by Three Different and Resistant Fungal Biomasses. Gonzalez, Juan F. Cardenas; Perez, Adriana S. Rodriguez; Morales, Juan M. Vargas; Juarez, Victor M. Apr 30, 2019 5054
Bone Regeneration Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Duration on Calvarial Defects in Irradiated Rats. Park, Kyeong-Mee; Kim, Changdae; Park, Wonse; Park, Young-Bum; Chung, Moon- Kyu; Kim, Sungtae Apr 30, 2019 4849
The Reduced Expression of EOLA1 May Be Related to Refractory Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Wu, Mingxia; Leng, Weiling; Pan, Hang; Lei, Xiaotian; Chen, Liu; Ouyang, Xinshou; Liang, Ziwen Apr 30, 2019 4950
Blood Glucose Levels May Aid the Decision for CT Scan in Minor Head Trauma. Alexiou, George A.; Sotiropoulos, Athanasios; Lianos, Georgios D.; Zigouris, Andreas; Metaxas, Dimit Clinical report Apr 30, 2019 2287
Dihydrotanshinone-Induced NOX5 Activation Inhibits Breast Cancer Stem Cell through the ROS/Stat3 Signaling Pathway. Kim, Su-Lim; Choi, Hack Sun; Kim, Ji-Hyang; Jeong, Dong Kee; Kim, Ki-Seok; Lee, Dong-Sun Apr 30, 2019 8673
Work-related fatalities reach 2.8 million annually worldwide: ILO. Apr 22, 2019 436
RSNA adopts the Law on the formation of reserve police force in RS. Apr 18, 2019 365
Radiation Nephropathy Treatment and Management Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028. Apr 16, 2019 993
Animal Rights. Apr 8, 2019 1247
A Novel MRI Tool for Evaluating Cortical Bone Thickness of the Proximal Femur. Ramme, Austin J.; Vira, Shaleen; Hotca, Alexandra; Miller, Rhiannon; Welbeck, Arakua; Honig, Stephen Apr 1, 2019 4301
Cytogenetic Studies of Chromosome Abnormalities in Thyroid Cancer Patients Before and After Iodine-131 Treatment. Oden, Seda; Atasoy, Sezen; Demir, Mustafa; Deviren, Ayhan Apr 1, 2019 3809
An Organic Advantage: Study hints at benefits of organic foods, but are they worth the cost? Apr 1, 2019 713
The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of necrotizing soft tissue infections, compromised grafts and flaps, hidradenitis suppurativa, and pyoderma gangrenosum. Goggins, Clare A.; Khachemoune, Amor Apr 1, 2019 3855
Determination of Risk Perception and Knowledge Level of Ionizing Radiation of Health Personnel Who Carry The Dosimeter in A Training and Research Hospital/Bir Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesinde Dozimetre Tasiyan Saglik Personelinin Iyonlastirici Radyasyon Hakkindaki Risk Algisi ve Bilgi Duzeyinin Belirlenmesi. Uzuntarla, Yasin; Dogan, Fatih Apr 1, 2019 3425
Approaches and Methods to Measure Oxidative Stress in Clinical Samples: Research Applications in the Cancer Field. Katerji, Meghri; Filippova, Maria; Duerksen-Hughes, Penelope Mar 31, 2019 23647
ROS Reduction Does Not Decrease the Anticancer Efficacy of X-Ray in Two Breast Cancer Cell Lines. Wang, Huizhen; Zhang, Xin Mar 31, 2019 7001
A Unique Case of Complete Atrioventricular Block Rapidly Progressing to Diastolic and Systolic Dysfunction in Cardiac Sarcoidosis. Mbachi, Chimezie U.; Ajiboye, Oyintayo; Ezegwu, Olisa; Mba, Benjamin Mar 31, 2019 1928
Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction after Radiation Therapy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Nguyen, James; Jambhekar, Amani; Nasrawi, Ziyad; Gudavalli, Prasad Report Mar 31, 2019 1236
AOCS Requirements and Practical Limitations for High-Speed Communications on Small Satellites. Aguado-Agelet, Fernando; Villa, Andres Eduardo; Arias-Acuna, Marcos; Diaz-Otero, Francisco Javier Mar 31, 2019 10757
A Rat Model of Radiation Vasculitis for the Study of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy. Zhang, Jian; Tao, Xuan; Sun, Mingyang; Ying, Rongchao; Su, Wenjie; Wei, Wei; Meng, Xiaohu Mar 31, 2019 6614
Diagnostic Accuracy of MRI in Detecting Parametrial Invasion in Carcinoma Cervix. Report Mar 31, 2019 2475
The Troubled History of Cancer Risk Assessment: The Linear-No-Threshold paradigm, which asserts there are no safe exposure levels, is the product of flawed and corrupted science. Calabrese, Edward J. Mar 22, 2019 2189
NASA Captures Stunning Cosmic 'Teacup' 1.1 Billion Years Away. Mar 18, 2019 419
After Human Rights, Animal Rights Are Also Gaining Strength. Mar 14, 2019 695
Understanding food labels a good step toward eating healthy. Mar 13, 2019 565
ICCI organizes awareness secession on detection, management of radioactive sources. Mar 8, 2019 405
Beyond the Diagnosis. Mar 5, 2019 468
Lung Cancers and the Roles of Natural Compounds as Potential Chemotherapeutic and Chemopreventive Agents. Surien, Omchit; Ghazali, Ahmad Rohi; Masre, Siti Fathiah Mar 1, 2019 8483
Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Evaluation of Trigeminal Neuralgia with its Anatomical Correlation. Subha, M.; Arvind, M. Mar 1, 2019 4462
Antioxidants & Aging: Putting Theory to Practice: Natural products have a long history of traditional use matched by modern support from scientific research on safety and efficacy. Moloughney, Sean Mar 1, 2019 5325
Febuxostat Mitigates Genotoxicity Induced by Ionizing Radiation in Human Normal Lymphocytes. Asemi, Shiva; Ghasem, Arash; Hosseinimehr, Seyed Jalal Report Mar 1, 2019 2346
Effects of Platelet-rich Plasma Injection on Adhesive Capsulitis: An Interventional Case Series. Calis, Havva Talay; Karabas, Caglar; Guler, Emel Report Mar 1, 2019 2111

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