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IoT to triple the number of connected industrial control devices by 2020.

According to ABI Research, the increasing adoption of IoT within industrial settings will result in a substantial growth of the number of connected industrial devices, in particular industrial control devices like PLCs.

The research firm estimates that over the period from 2014 to 2020, the number of connected industrial controllers will triple, growing at an average rate of 20%.

"Industrial networks are characterized by a large variety of technologies and communication protocols," said Eugenio Pasqua, research analyst at ABI Research. "As a consequence, there is typically little interoperability with conventional networks, but also between different industrial networks. Sharing data among different facilities or with the higher levels of an enterprise remains a very challenging task."

The technological advances of the past decade are, however, slowly changing this. The diffusion of Ethernet and IP-based industrial protocols, as well as the improved intelligence of industrial devices, have reduced the differences between conventional and industrial networks. This enables an easier interconnection between enterprise IT applications

and OT systems.

"Through the adoption of IoT technologies, industrial organizations can make better use of the huge amount of data generated inside their facilities and extract more meaningful information," Pasqua said. "This allows a better vision of what happens along the whole supply chain, achieving better performance at lower operating costs and the ability to react faster to changes or issues."

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Comment:IoT to triple the number of connected industrial control devices by 2020.(TECHNOLOGY)(internet of things)
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Date:Aug 1, 2015
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