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IoT harsh environment networking.

B&B Electronics' (Ottawa, IL) Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform is a wireless sensor connectivity platform for the deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable Internet of Things (loT) networking in remote and demanding environments. The platform includes:

Intelligent Edge Nodes

* Connection to any standard sensor via a conduit fitting cable gland or M12 connector.

* General-purpose analog inputs, digital input/output, and thermocouple interfaces.

* Integrated internal temperature and accelerometer sensor options.

* The ability to be configured to communicate only data outside specified thresholds, reducing the cost on cellular networks.

SmartMesh IP Technology

* Based on IEEE 802.15.4e, it creates full-mesh networks (mesh-to-the-edge).

* Time diversity, frequency diversity, and physical diversity.

MQTT Protocol

* A messaging protocol created for M2M and loT applications over wireless networks.

* Distribution to single or multiple receivers.

* Low power usage.

* Minimized data packets.

Intelligent Gateway

* The Spectre router can connect equipment over wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connections.

* Plug-and-play with remote management, deployment and customization options.

Why Would I Specify?

* Wzzard is designed to help integrators, VARs, and service providers efficiently develop and deploy loT applications.

* The SmartMesh technology is an intelligent mesh network with advanced algorithms and power saving technologies.

* Processed information from the sensor nodes is published through the Spectre Gateway up to the customer's loT application using MQTT transport protocol.

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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