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IoT and automated housekeeping.

* "Siri, clean my house." According to a survey released by myDevices, 82% of Americans would like to automate some aspect of their daily lives--and 56% of them said they would most like to automate house cleaning.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Poll among more than 2,000 US adults ages 18 and older for myDevices, which bills itself as an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company.

Here's a look which aspects of their
daily lives people said they would most

like to automate:
Housekeeping                56%
Commute to work             34%
Yard maintenance            34%
Home utility management     27%
Exercising                  22%
Brewing morning coffee      19%
Bathing/reading to kids     18%
Sending birthday gifts      12%
Showering themselves        10%
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Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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