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Invitrogen announces post-merger structure.

Carlsbad, CA 9/16/08; Carlsbad, CA and Foster City, CA 9/17/08; Carlsbad, CA 9/26/08--Invitrogen has completed the syndication of the $2.65 billion in financing for its acquisition of Applied Biosystems (ABI) (see IBO 6/15/08). Thirty bank lenders have committed to a Term Loan A in the amount of $1.4 billion, and 250 lenders have committed to a Term Loan B in the amount of $1 billion. Invitrogen and ABI also announced the divisional structure and leadership of the combined company. The company will have four business divisions: Molecular Biology Systems, Genetic Systems, Cell Systems and Mass Spectrometry Systems. The Molecular Biology Systems division will consist of ABI's Molecular and Cell Biology Functional Analysis division and Invitrogen's Molecular Biology business, including PCR Systems, Genomic Assays and Molecular Biology Reagents. Peter Dansky, the leader of ABI's Molecular and Cell Biology Functional Analysis division, will head the division. The Genetic Systems division will consist of ABI's capillary electrophoresis and SOLID System sequencing platforms and its Applied Markets business, as well as Invitrogen's Clinical Applications business and third-generation sequencing development program. This division will be led by Kip Miller, leader of Invitrogen's Biodiscovery division. The Cell Systems business will consist of Invitrogen's Cellular Analysis, Bead-Based Separations, Cell Culture Essentials, Bioproduction, and Primary and Stem Cell Systems business units, as well as ABI's Poros perfusion chromatography media and Tropix chemiluminescence detection technology business lines. It will be led by Nicolas Barthelemy, head of Invitrogen's Cell Systems. The Mass Spectrometry Systems division will consist of ABI's Mass Spectrometry business and will be led by Laura Lauman, leader of ABI's Proteomics and Small Molecule division.

The companies also announced other executive positions: Invitrogen CFO David Hoffmeister will be the CFO; Bernd Brust, Invitrogen's head of Global Sales and Marketing, will lead Global Commercial Operations; Mark O'Donnell, ABI's head of Global Services and Supply Chain, will lead Global Operations and Services; and Brian Pollok, Invitrogen's chief scientific officer, will head Global Research and Development. In disclosing details of the financing, Invitrogen stated that the interest rates and upfront fees were as it expected. Pro forma results for the combined companies for the year ended June 30 would be revenues of $3.6 million, operation margin of $816 million (23% of revenues) and free cash flow of $714 million (20% of revenues).

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Date:Sep 30, 2008
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