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Invisible Cities (Les Ponts).

 Invisible Cities (Les Ponts)
    Skies a crystal grey. Bizarre design of bridges, some straight,
   some hump-backed, others looping down oblique and angulate,
   a design repeated in the other, lighted circuits
   of the grand canal, but all so long and delicate
   that the docks, overloaded with domes, are lowered
   and diminished. A few of the said bridges are still covered
   with hovels. Others support poles, frail parapets and tropes.
   Minor chords cross each other and fade away; ropes
   ascend from the embankments. You can make out a red coat,
   perhaps other costumes; musical instruments you may note.
   Are these popular tunes, snatches of seigneurial spree,
   fragments of public anthems? Wide as an arm of the sea,
   the water is grey and blue. A white ray
   falling from the outer sky annihilates this comedy. 
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Title Annotation:IRELAND
Author:Carson, Ciaran
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Sonnet
Date:Mar 22, 2013
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