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Investment Committee Checklist.

Byline: Lee Barney

Summary paragraph: Here are some important guidelines an investment committee should consider on a regular basis.


* Set an agenda and goals for the year;

* Review the investment policy statement;

* Conduct an analysis of all investment management, recordkeeping and administrative fees, commissions, soft dollars and revenue sharing;

* Review Form ADV, fund prospectuses and annual reports for each mutual fund;

* Examine any changes to portfolios or the investment management team, proxy voting records and industry or regulatory actions against companies, funds and portfolio managers in the plan; and

* Maintain thorough records, minutes and documents.


* Perform a thorough investment performance and benchmark review;

* Review the fund watch list;

* Review plan assets with investment policy guidelines, including company stock;

* Examine plan participant contribution, participation and borrowing rates;

* Check that all contributions are being deposited and invested properly, comparing reports from investment managers with custodian statements;

* Audit each fund manager and the recordkeeper's and administrator's fee computation; and

* Perform ongoing fiduciary and investment training for investment committee members.

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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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